There are many ways to tell urban life stories. Some prefer architectural photography, focusing the audience’s attention on things that remain unchanged for decades or even centuries. Others look for unusual details, such as cobblestone patterns or old wooden doors.

Alex Butko (alexbutko_com) utilizes portrait photography as his major storytelling tool. This talented Depositphotos author provides us with a glimpse into people’s lives — all against a variety of urban landscape backdrops. His characters are in no hurry and successfully resist the frantic rhythm of the city.

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In this edition of the Editor’s Choice Gallery, we invite you to see how the main creative, photo, and color trends included in our recent trend forecasts are harmoniously combined.

In particular, how quiet luxury (the Retro yet timeless trend from Creative Trends 2024) fits well with the approach of Cinematic narration (Photography Trends 2024). Meanwhile, colors such as Candlelight (#EBBD46), Espresso (#593B2E) and Winter Sky (#BFE0F9) in Alex’s portfolio can be found in our article on Winter Color Trends 2024.

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What could be more interesting than exploring the city with a camera in hand? Many Depositphotos authors combine maintaining their portfolio with travel, city walks, and creative experiments. If you like the style of a certain author, feel free to follow them on the platform to stay updated. In order to do so, press the “Follow” button next to a contributor’s name.


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