In the last couple of months, many people have left concrete jungles to wait out the pandemic and decrease anxiety, spending time out in the fresh air in the countryside. They quickly embraced a calmer pace of life, new hobbies, and different habits that eventually paved the way for a new buzzword of the 2020 – the cottagecore aesthetics. 

The aesthetic seems to be completely different from what the Generation Z was used to from their early years. This could be the main reason why it’s now taking over Instagram and TikTok. 

If you plan to be on top of trends with your projects and conquer new audiences like Gen Z, use the photos in the cottagecore aesthetic to visualize your ideas and try something new and trendy. 

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What is the cottagecore aesthetic 

The cottagecore aesthetic romanticizes the elements of pastoral life such as having outdoor picnics, wearing “grandma” clothes, caring for people around you, and being sustainable. The main attributes of the cottagecore aesthetic are:

  • flowers
  • vintage cutlery and crockery
  • wood
  • nature
  • farm
  • linen clothes
  • baking

To some extent, the aesthetic is in line with the principles of slow living and encourages people to enjoy the little things in everyday life. The cottagecore was also inspired by other similar stylistics such as naturecore, honeycore, farmcore, and grandmacore. 

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How the cottagecore aesthetics appeared

Many believe the aesthetic appeared after worldwide lockdowns were announced but it actually started much earlier as an answer to other movements of the 21st century. Those who were tired of the hustle culture, constant anxiety, and restless communication realized that the cottagecore lifestyle can be the way out of the frustrating integral attributes of big city life.  

However, the popularity of the aesthetic reached its peak only in 2020. Being confined within four walls was too difficult for people of different generations and some of them left the bustling cities to stay in the countryside and keep themselves grounded. 

This turned out to be a particularly new experience for Gen Z – people who were born in 1997-2012 and grew up in the times of the latest technology being accessible to all. Basically, many Zoomers have never experienced the non-digital world and got quickly immersed into the newly-appeared and contrasting lifestyle in comparison to what they were used to before. 

Although they embraced calmer lifestyles, they did not ditch technology and gadgets. They started documenting their lives in the countryside and sharing them on Instagram and TikTok. There appeared a lot of accounts that celebrate the cottagecore aesthetic and allow all social media users to distract in tough times.  


Cottagecore aesthetic photos you can use for your summer projects

As the cottagecore aesthetic is getting more and more popular, it turns out to be a good fit for your summer-related projects. To help you out with thematic visuals, we created a collection that includes stylish images of pets, gardens, and people spending time outdoors while simply enjoying their rural lives. 

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stock photo of Frozen Flowers in Ice Cubes

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Instagram accounts to draw inspiration for thematic projects

There are already hundreds of Instagram accounts that feature the cottagecore aesthetic and serve as great inspiration when it comes to visualizing summer-related projects and campaigns in a trendy way. 

1. Paula XS, @paulaxs__

2. Allison Marie, @obrienandolive

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3. Zornitsa Ivova, @gossipstyle

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4.Camellia, @camellia.dreamer

5. Gabriella, @gabi_wahl

We hope this article was an inspiration and motivation for you to stay on top of the latest trends and be bold enough to experiment with your projects. You can find more visuals for your summer campaigns in these photo collections:

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