Nature has an unparalleled allure, and we are deeply connected to it. With recent climate change and a focus on sustainability, nature is finding its way into both our daily and work lives.

For businesses, natural scenery can create authentic, immersive experiences and help build a stronger brand image. But how can you make the most of these stunning visuals?

Let’s explore the secrets of using nature imagery for effective marketing and get inspired by real-life examples of successful campaigns.

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Beautiful Nature Pictures

Why use nature photos for your marketing campaigns?

Nature is extremely versatile. It is capable of giving you a whole spectrum of emotions. It can be funny, gloomy, and scary. It can inspire and soothe you. And it’s exactly what you need for building a successful marketing campaign.

Image quality is often the decision-making factor for an online purchase. Beautiful pictures of nature, with their vibrant colors and detailing, meet this demand perfectly. Here’s a great example—Ads of the World posted a campaign by BRID agency called “For Our Nature,” a straightforward visual convincing us to buy electric cars. The recipe for success is easy: high-quality image + powerful message = effective marketing campaign.

Beautiful Nature Pictures
BRID agency “For Our Nature”, Ads of the World

With an ever-growing library of over 300 million images, you can have a constant resource of videos, vectors, and images of nature or inspired by nature. Working for a company? Get a custom plan tailored to your unique needs.

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Tips for creating visual impact with nature photography

Choose licensed images

High-resolution, professionally licensed photography usually stands out and helps create a professional look, whether you’re selling a product or a service. For example, Patagonia takes inspiration from nature when making their clothes and uses high-quality images of nature across all their communication channels.

Consider your brand identity

Whether you promote sustainability and adventure, you can always use nature imagery for branding. But don’t just pick the first random picture you notice. Select photos that resonate with your brand’s values. To make things even easier, we’ve gathered a curated collection of licensed nature images for you:

Explore patterns in nature

Beautiful Nature Pictures

Focus on storytelling

Depending on your business goals, you can enhance a narrative with striking visuals, be it a 4K video or a photo sequence. Go for images of wildlife in action, lush forests, pristine rivers, or dramatic landscapes. National Geographic is an all-time favorite example, beautifully representing nature and communicating a powerful message in their commercials, like this old classic ‘Live curious’.

Optimize for digital platforms

Choose eye-catching images that work for certain platforms. While pictures for social media can be smaller, vertical, or square, your website might require a rectangular panoramic view.

Remember the human aspect

While nature pictures can be breathtaking by default, adding a human aspect can make them more personal and relatable. For example, a mountain trail would look more dynamic and engaging with a hiker.

When it comes to choosing a platform with professional photography, Depositphotos has so many options of wildlife and landscape imagery. From photos, videos, and vectors to music and special effects (SFX). All files are licensed and can be packed into a custom, flexible plan that works uniquely for you.

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Great campaigns inspired by nature

Taking inspiration from nature is not a trend, it’s an ageless concept. No wonder businesses around the world choose nature photography for their commercials which melt the hearts of many.

Some support and contribute to sustainability, directly talking about nature, organic resources, and minimizing our impact on nature. Others build campaigns around fundamental natural concepts, using images of landscapes, animals, flowers, oceans, and skies.

Beautiful Nature Pictures

🍀 Let’s look at these two sentimental campaigns by Nissan and Lloyds Bank that perfectly hit the spot. Without knowing what brands are behind them, you might wonder what these commercials are about until the very end. A perfect advertising hook!

🍀 Food, water, or any products that people consume can be easily tied to nature. If a product is not created for human consumption, brands still try to focus on aspects such as organic, ethically-sourced ingredients or materials. These campaigns are good examples of how to tell a great story and sell a product:

🍀 The fashion industry, especially perfumery, often showcases imagery of flowers and dreamy sunsets. Turning the calendar back to 2018, Gucci showed the world their magical Bloom ad, and Dior still supports this beautiful narrative in 2023 with their Miss Dior commercial.


Using professional nature photography in marketing is tried and true because it can be touching or create a sense of well-being. Whatever emotion you want to evoke, you can do it with the help of high-quality visuals to empower your campaigns and drive engagement.

Get a custom plan with flexible payment options, solutions, and lifelong rights to images:

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