For many, spring is their favorite season. It’s a time of awakening and renewal. A time to bloom, enjoy bright colors, and cherish the fullness of life. The arrival of spring always gives us a powerful boost of energy and an eagerness to move forward. It’s also a rather busy period for marketers, as they actively work on spring projects and prepare campaigns for the seasonal holidays.

We’re inviting you to share the joy of spring with your audience using atmospheric content that both conveys the essence of the season and embodies the main “Creative trends” of the year. And to save you time on searching for the right images, our content curators have assembled a spring collection with relevant photos and videos. Check it out to find the perfect files for your seasonal marketing materials or creative projects.

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20 фотографій, які ідеально передають весняну естетику

What are the features of spring aesthetics in 2023

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring and everything associated with it? Usually, you think of nature awakening after winter, warm sunshine, and birds chirping. The theme of nature is central to this year’s spring aesthetic. But to stand out among a whole bunch of similar visual content, we recommend illustrating it in a relevant context that will resonate with your audience. For many people, outdoor recreation has become a real escape from the daily stress and shocks of recent years. This is reflected in our “Back to the wild” trend. Opt for photos and videos of people enjoying their time outdoors, living at campsites, going on hikes, or just going for a walk to their nearest park.

This spring, nature can also be illustrated in a more unexpected way. We are talking about the “Ethereal world” trend characterized by foggy and blurry images. This trend is designed to create a fairy-tale atmosphere in visual content. For example, rays of sunlight breaking through mist on an early spring morning would be the perfect illustration for this one. If the topic of environmentalism is close to you, then we recommend turning to the “Eye on sustainability” trend. Choose visual content that includes people who are into eco-initiatives, doing gardening, or using eco-friendly transportation, such as a bicycle.

20 фотографій, які ідеально передають весняну естетику

Want to build a closer connection with your audience and show that you care about them? Then consider the concept of well-being and mental health embodied in the “Wellness Upgrade” trend. In the spring, many people are eager to engage in wellness activities or spiritual practices like yoga. Support them with thematic images of people who care about their physical and mental health. If your goal is to give your audience some positive emotions, the “A Blast of Joy” trend will come in handy. Use content with eye-catching, colorful images, and engaging activities that bring true joy. Whatever concept you choose, don’t limit yourself to one age group. When creating your posts and campaigns, it’s important to include elderly people (“A Wonderful Age” trend). This is a great opportunity to attract their attention, which can later develop into a strong relationship.

How to use trendy spring images

1. Revamp your website.

Spring is the best time for a renewal or makeover. Show your audience that you are in tune with them by changing the design of your website. Choose images that convey the essence of the season and contain refreshing, trendy colors.

Check out spring color trends 2023

20 fotografij yaki idealno peredayut vesnyanu estetyku 11

2. Create a festive email campaign.

In the spring, there are a lot of occasions for communication. For example, you can send your customers emails with discounts and promotions for Earth Day and Mother’s Day. The content from our collection will be a great addition to them.

3. Launch a social media campaign.

The easiest way to engage your audience is to launch a thematic social media campaign. To grab the attention of online users, just choose an eye-catching spring image and place text with an attractive offer over it.

20 fotografij yaki idealno peredayut vesnyanu estetyku 12

4. Prepare a seasonal special project

If you have additional resources, consider creating a spring project. The theme for it could be a seasonal holiday or the following concepts: communion with nature, sustainable development, wellness, and the search for joy. All of them are embodied in our trends. To make your project look relevant, choose an idea that is close to your brand.

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20 фотографій, які ідеально передають весняну естетику

So, in order to stand out among competitors, we recommend browsing through the entire collection to find the perfect files for your seasonal projects. Even a popular topic such as spring nature can be illustrated in a creative and unexpected way. By choosing trending photos and videos, you increase your chances of grabbing your audience’s attention and connecting with them for future engagement. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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