Will you marry me?

February 29 can be a risky day for men. According to tradition, on that day they just don’t have the right to refuse a marriage proposal from any woman.

Do you marry me © Depositphotos

Do you marry me © Depositphotos / Helder Almeida

Depositphotos is awaiting you at the PICTAday 2012 in Munich!

Depositphotos is excited about the upcoming PICTAday in Munich on 22.03.2012. Why is that? Well, because we will give our debut as exhibitors there this year!


The art of body painting

Humans’ desires to alter their bodies, from simple coloration to extensive scarring, dates back to prehistoric cavemen who decorated their bodies with ritual imagery to scare away evil spirits.

Samui body painting © Depositphotos

Samui body painting © Depositphotos / PHUCHONG CHOKSAMAI

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