Following the high demand for food photography, we compiled a featured collection to show some of the best shots of food photography our photo bank. To really help out our contributors that are interested in food photography, we covered the top 10 tips on improving the art. Today we’ll look at our top selling images in the food category to give you a sense of direction.

1. All about chocolate

This is our top photograph in the food category and it’s a compilation of ingredients and ready made product.  A great piece of advice that many food photographers give is to really embrace the process of cooking. You have a great opportunity to photograph food as ingredients, as you’re preparing them and the final product. One takeaway from this photograph is – embrace the process!

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2. Cooked meals

When it comes down to shooting your sizzling, cooked meals, the most important thing is presentation. In this photograph, the photographer carefully thought about composition, angles as well as the props that are in this shot. Finding the angles from which your food will look its best is crucial to a successful photograph.

top food photographs depositphotos

3. Cheese selection

The third photograph really narrows in on another important aspect of food photography – the lighting. It is best to shoot with natural light and in this shot we see the pane of the window as part of the shadow and some natural light which illuminates the food from behind. You have to watch for shadows and colors but it is simplicity and imperfections that can make or break your photographs.

top food photographs depositphotos

4. Appetizers

Each of our top photographs highlights an important aspect of food photography. This winning shot is all about the angle. The way the photographer chose to show something as small as these appetizers is perfect. You have to really consider your angles when photographing different foods. A top view will not always be appropriate for something like finger food or appetizers. Here, we clearly see the texture and the colors and the depth of field helps us focus on what’s important in the shot.

top food photographs stock photography

5. Movie time

Finally, the props you choose to place in your shots will reflect the subtle messages you send to your viewers. This one is clearly about a fun get together for movies. 3D glasses, popcorn and drinks are hardly the most photogenic of food and beverages but the photographer made it work in this simple composition.


Don’t forget to check out more tips on food photography from one of our top contributors, Natalia Lisovskaya. Her approach is quite artistic, and as it is her specialty, Natalia pays particular attention to layout and the impeccable presentation of food. We invite professionals like Natalia to share insights on what to shoot, how to shoot it and how to approach food photography in general.

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