You might recall some of our interviews with beauty photographers Konrad Bak and Anastasia Kazakova. The photographers provided their insights and tips on this genre of photography. Both have talked about how our beauty ideals are changing and the genre transforming accordingly. How should photographers adjust to reflect these change?

Hopefully our series of ‘What’s in Demand’ articles will edge you closer to understanding what to aim for. These are the photographs clients are looking for and the ones that sell particularly well.

1. The perfect time for beauty photography

Wedding days are special and make for some of the most dreamy shots. The success of this photograph is that it is a little unusual for beauty photography. You can’t see much of the model’s face but the photograph is very memorable.


2. Bold makeup

The perfect makeup makes for a great statement with beauty photography. Beauty photography is also a chance to experiment with makeup in an artistic way. Here’s something quite bold and captivating where nothing in the photograph distracts from the elegant makeup.


3. Simplicity and color choices

If you’re only getting started with beauty photography, it’s not necessary to go all out. Here’s a shot that’s really simple, with dramatic eye shadow and only a fraction of a photo.


4. Drama all around

A completely different type of photograph is one where makeup, props and hair is spot on for a dramatic image. These photographs make a statement and hence very popular in our library.


5. The natural look

When we talk about beauty photography, likely you think of very polished works that focus on makeup and hair. Here’s an example of the type of photo that still has a chance at being a bestseller, a headshot with minimal work done:


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