Our contributors come from all over the world. For this reason, the ‘Places’ category is of an interest to us all. Where were the top images taken? What are clients looking for and which images have they chosen for their projects?

We’ll look at the top 5 images and videos from our library for the ‘Places’ category. We’ll also try to elaborate on what makes these images successful so that you can get ideas about for future photoshoots.

1. Tiny turf church

An unusual image of what seems like a secret location. The misty morning with a light fog adds to the atmosphere in this image. We know what churches look like, but this one seems like it’s straight out of a movie. The structure also provides beautiful contrast to the surrounding nature.

The success of this photo is mostly the unusual location. Photograph hidden locations around your habitat, gems like this one are scattered all over the world.

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2. Dreamy skies

Photographers will tell you that no one day is alike. The wonders of nature (especially the ever changing colors of the sky) never fail to amaze. Electricity towers contrast the unusual colors of the sky, somehow complementing and completing the image.

Where was this taken? Could be anywhere but it is taken at a very special time of the day. Remember to use our tips if you’d like to shoot during the golden hour. The skies are an inspiration when they look painted like in this best selling shot.

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3. Spring time

Spring is nature’s way of bidding farewell to the warm days that slide by. Trees shed their leaves, revealing the intricacy of their design. It’s a lovely time to go out and shoot. This alley by the lake is quite inviting, the leading lines draw the eye to the horizon.

The winning element in this photograph is the composition. Note now all the lines of the foreground and the background lead to one point. The subject of the photograph is one marvelous tree, right next to a passerby.

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4. Time lapse at the beach

Today’s collection  also has a few videos. This one is a simple time lapse of the sea colliding with remains of a tree. Time lapse is an interesting format to play around with and a great addition to portfolios. The results are always mesmerising and prove to be quite popular.

It’s a format that every photographer should experiment with and nature is the perfect subject for time lapses.

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5. Sandy beaches

In this video, the photographer alternates between focusing on the foreground and the background. It’s a simple tactic that captures a perfect summer day.

Some themes are universally appreciated, like the casual day at the beach in this video. Seasonal images and videos perform really well, so do try to catch the waves of demand by capturing classic seasonal events and locations.

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