Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.”

– Julia Morgan

Architecture is a fascinating art. An architect goes from preliminary sketches to watching his work being executed on a grand scale. This incredible execution, which initially starts with design, that draws us to the beauty and intricacy of the man made structures.

Depositphotos has a special category devoted to architecture and today we’ll look at some of the best selling images that fall under the popular theme. Every city has something unique to offer in terms of architectural styles and designs. Our contributors capture these buildings and structures to show the versatility and sophistication particular to their home cities.

Earlier, we’ve explored this theme in our featured collection of interior design and architecture as well as a separate collection of minimalist architecture photographs. Here’s a continuation of the thread that illustrate the types of images that perform well and sell out.

1. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The success of this photograph can be attributed to the great vantage point, taken with a wide lens. It’s also the Golden Hour, which gives the buildings a soft glow, without too much of the sunlight reflecting on the glass windows.

best photographs of architecture and buildings

2. Gdansk, Poland

A little bit of editing in post production can go a long way. The dramatic colors of the sky compliment the color of the building and the grey foreground. Notice all the leading lines that point to the marketplace, making it the second focal point.

best photographs of architecture and buildings

3. Valencia, Spain

This minimalistic structure that makes up part of the bridge is the focal point of the photograph. The building on the left also has great lines which makes the photograph a little bit more interesting as opposed to just a picture of the bridge.

top photographs of buildings and architecture

4. Sighisoara, Romania

Buildings in this part of Romania certainly aren’t shy with colors. A casual shot down one of the small streets of the city shows us the vibrancy of Sighisoara. It’s also one of the main tourist attractions because of the historical significance of the town.

best photographs of architecture on depositphotos

5. Venice, Italy

We’re used to seeing images of Venice where canals are a must to make the perfect shot. Here, we see something else Venice is very known for – the intricate architecture. With just enough contrast, the building and the little patch of grass work well together in this composition.

best pictures of architecture and buildings

The success of these photographs can be attributed to the vantage points, which is so important in architecture photography. The angle you take makes all the difference to translating the scale of the buildings.

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