Does your brand already have plans for marketing activities on February 14? If you are staggered, it’s okay! Recent research proved that most people shop for Valentine’s Day on February 14, which means you have over two more weeks to choose Valentine’s Day images and videos for your express sales campaigns.

To let you focus on the concept of your future holiday project instead of image search, our content curators hastened to compile 5 collections of beautiful visuals and multimedia files for you. And these are not just photos featuring Visual Trends 2021. This year we went beyond classical ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ images and also created collections of vertical visuals for social media as well as provided you with a huge selection of romantic music.

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5 Collections You Need This Valentine’s Day: Images, Videos, and Stock Music

Valentine’s Day Collection: Vertical Edition

Are social networks like Facebook and Instagram the backbone of your communication with clients? Do users surf your website or blog mostly with their mobile devices? Here is a hand-picked collection of Valentine’s Day images and short vertical videos that will help you connect with your followers on this special day.

stock photo love couple valentines day

stock photo hands wall

stock photo red head couple love valentines day

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Valentine’s Day Illustrations and Vectors

This collection is for those who want to stand out with their content and not get lost among usual posts by other brands and users on social networks (which often contain photos instead of illustrations). Valentine’s Day pictures in the format of illustrations and easily scalable vectors can make your messages soulful, more artistic, and very personal.

stock illustration love couple valentines day

stock illustration couple seniors zoo

stock illustration love couple valentines day

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Love: Redefined

While most of your competitors are busy with a makeover for the corny ‘romantic’ vibes using typical colors associated with love, you can take an alternative route and surprise them with more soothing and unconventional visuals and design choices. Valentine’s Day backgrounds and main images from this collection redefine the typical symbols of love and are soothing in their color palette.

We created this collection with Visual Trends of 2021 in mind (read about the Solance in Nature trend). The palette of this image and video collection was inspired by nature and the rising trend of more soothing color solutions.

stock photo flowers valentines day

stock photo couple hugs valentines day

stock photo love hands wall

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The Tune of Love

If you aren’t already using music to support your projects and aren’t integrating sound effects into UX, read this article (Your Guide Integrating Audio Into Brand Communication [Infographic]) and start writing the next chapter of your marketing strategy.

Check out our first curated collection of stock music and sound effects. Romantic jazz compositions, people saying ‘I love you’, sounds of wind blowing, and couples kissing — click the button below to explore extraordinary soundtracks by our contributors.

stock music

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Anti-Valentine’s Pictures 

Okay, let’s face it. Not everyone cares about Valentine’s Day. For instance, millennials tend to ignore this holiday. Moreover, there will always be those who had their hearts broken on the eve of February 14, or who did not find their loved one by this date. This ironic collection will help you appeal to the more humorous side of some people and cheer them up with a bit of fun.

stock photo anti valentines day

stock photo anti valentines day book bed

stock photo anti valentines day

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Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful opportunity for you to gift your customers with personal discounts and gain their loyalty, study your target audience, or boost sales in the wake of festive hype. So don’t lose this chance! Whatever strategy you choose, curated collections by Depositphotos will always be at your fingertips so you can generate trending content for any occasion.


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