As audio becomes crucial for better user experience, brands and other content creators more often use music and sound effects in their projects. Stats show that people recognize and react to sound 10 to 100 times faster than sight. Moreover, integrating sound into brand communication is a surefire way to strengthen relationships with customers by establishing an emotional connection with them.

The things mentioned above are not the only benefits we have to share about audio and its influence on consumer behavior. Read this article to find out more reasons and ways to use music and sound effects for your brand communication in the next months.


Discover music tracks and sound effects on Depositphotos

With an aim to support our clients in their creative pursuits and provide tools to realize all kinds of projects, this November, Depositphotos introduce music tracks and sound effects as part of their library. You can now download a rich variety of royalty-free audio files that you can use for both online and offline projects.

There are two ways to explore music on the Depositphotos website:

1. Click on ‘Music’ in the upper left corner of your screen to access all the diversity of music tracks and sound effects in the library.

2. Type a keyword in the search field and choose ‘Music’ in the drop-down menu to get a selection of audio files that would fit your thematic project.

Discover music tracks and sound effects on Depositphotos

Once you’re in the music library, you can start browsing music and sound effects by:

  • genres (pop, rock, dance, and more)
  • category (emotions, food and drinks, nature, interfaces, and others)
  • keywords – just type in the search field one or a couple of keywords you have in mind
  • moods (calm, inspirational, angry, romantic, sad, epic, and more)
  • length of a track
  • contributor

This variety of search filters will allow you to quickly find perfect audio files so you could conquer new audiences with your ambient projects and campaigns.

Search music


Why include audio in your marketing strategy

Reason 1: to strengthen your brand personality

It is a well-known fact that tone of voice is an integral element of every brand’s communication. However, it is not enough to reach out to your audience solely with text and visuals nowadays. Audio plays a decisive role when establishing your brand personality, as it influences the feeling and mood of the audience.

The tempo, mode, and genre of music help build associations with a brand and affect emotional perception. This concerns not only audio used in ads but also sound effects in interfaces. For instance, the sound of a notification in Skype or of a sent email on your Gmail cannot be confused with anything else. When you hear it, you know exactly what brand it is and how you feel about it.

Although these details might not seem to be a priority in regards to a marketing strategy, today they make a difference when it comes to strengthening your brand personality and being competitive in the oversaturated market.

Reason 2: to build brand loyalty

Another reason to include audio in your marketing strategy is to convert your new and existing clients into loyal ones. Even with a little time and resources, you can succeed in these endeavors by finding ambient audio tracks and sound effects in the Depositphotos library to add to your new projects. Giving preference to music of a particular genre or mood, you can state that you know your clients well and you have similar taste, likes, and values. In brief, you’ll showcase that you and your audience are on the same page.

For instance, including a dynamic jingle in your new ad,  background music on a landing page, or sound effect in a relaunched app is a quick and effective solution to make your thematic projects memorable and appealing.

Reason 3: to stay on top of marketing trends with voice commerce

Consumers more often tend to look for more personalized and entertaining experiences like interaction with chatbots and listening to podcasts. These activities allow them to satisfy their needs in a matter of minutes and not get bored or waste time while scrolling websites or social media feeds.

This trend appeared primarily due to the rapid growth of voice commerce that is expected to reach over $80 billion per year. For many, smart speakers are already household items that make people less used to holding gadgets in their hands, putting sound interaction first.

Brands that would like to keep abreast of the latest trends should definitely pay attention to new consumer habits. Exploring new music and using it for your projects can help you experiment more with your content formats and appeal to more people with another sense.


Your Guide to Integrating Audio Into Brand Communication [Infographic]

Your Guide to Integrating Audio Into Brand Communication [Infographic]


In the upcoming years, the market will become saturated with brands that integrate audio into brand communication but also use music and sound effects in daily marketing activities. Be among the first who will endow their projects with ambient music tracks and sound effects. Search on Depositphotos.

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