Instagram has made it easy to visit virtual galleries and find incredible talent online. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner photographer, there’s no better platform to feature your work. Instagram’s emphasis is on visuals, and sometimes finding the most inspiring content takes time. Popular photography accounts show us what it takes to maintain and promote a successful Instagram accounts. We put together a list of the top Instagram photographers to keep the inspiration coming. 

All of the individuals on this list are exceptionally talented, but keep in mind that your own photos (even the most mundane ones) can be turned into masterpieces with easily accessible editing apps. If you read our tutorial on VSCO, you’re halfway there. Get inspired today, and curate your own account to follow in the footsteps of these Instagram legends.

Top Instagram photographers

1. Murad Osmann – 4.5m followers

Murad’s famous #FollowMeTo series has swept over the world. His photos feature his wife, often dressed in beautiful locally made outfits, leading him to stunning sceneries around the world.

2. Paul Nicklen – 3.9m followers

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Do you ever feel like you are being watched? While hiking along the shores of Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories, I had that feeling. I sat down quietly and waited. Eventually, a gorgeous male white wolf came out of the forest and stared right through me. The position of his tail told me that he was relaxed and didn’t feel threatened by my presence. For me, this fleeting acceptance is the most precious gift I can hope for from a wild animal. Those moments, in which I feel a deep connection to a being that is much wiser and in tune with its surroundings than I will ever be are truly priceless. I did not want to ruin the moment with the click of a shutter but I also wanted to remember him in all of his beauty and stoicism. #gratitude #nature #wolf #apexpredator #love #beauty #instagood.

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Paul Nicklen is a photojournalist from National Geographic. He takes images of wildlife in their natural environment, which is the kind of beauty that’s out of our reach. He is also a biologist and a co-founder of SeaLegacy which is devoted to wildlife and ocean protection.

3. Chris Burkard – 2.9m followers

Luck… If there is such a thing… exists on Patagonian mountain tops.

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Chris Bukard shared some insights about his work with us in a previous post. He continues to travel the world in search for the perfect shot. His gallery is truly an inspiration of breathtaking sceneries. His account remains one of the most popular photography accounts on Instagram. 

4. Steve McCurry – 2.3m followers

Known as a pioneer in photojournalism and portrait photography, Steve McCurry is known for his exceptional talent to capture the human spirit. His focus on individuals and their character never fails to amaze his followers.

5. Jimmy Chin – 1.8m followers

Jimmy Chin was a renowned photographer well before Instagram. He is also a National Geographic photographer so you will recognize many of his works from around the web.

6. Dylan Furst – 1.2m followers

Dylan Furst’s account is all about outdoor adventures. His imagery of the Pacific Northwest is a soothing and coherent collection of stunning visuals in this popular photography feed.

7. Theron Humphrey – 1.2m followers

Like many adventurous spirits, Theron Humphrey left the corporate world for travels. He travels with his dog Maddie that’s featured in many of his photographs.

8. Hannes Becker – 1.2m followers

Hennes Becker is a globetrotter in the making. He’s passionate about traveling the world and documenting his experiences on the road. His Instagram account is a treasure for the curious and adventurous spirits.

9. Jason Peterson – 1.1m followers

searching for a former clarity

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Jason Peterson shares his unique perspective on urban landscapes. His photography is black and white, and he’s out to show us how dreamy this world is when drained of color.

10. Simone Bramante – 911k followers

Simon Bramante’s photographs tell a story. There’s an illustrative quality to his work that focuses on rural landscapes during his travels.

11. Pei Ketron – 803k followers

A solo tree, not so alone

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Pei Ketron pursues influencer work on Instagram and has been using it as a platform to showcase her work since the early beginnings of the app. Her images are soothing and beautifully curated to showcase different themes.

12. Darryll Jones – 110k followers

Darryll Jones’s account is slightly of a different genre from the rest. Instead of focusing on humans as his subject, he poses dolls (such as a Stormtropper). An account that became a popular photography hub quite recently. 

13. Hiroaki Fukuda – 561k followers

Shades of red

Публикация от Hiroaki Fukuda (@hirozzzz)

Hiroki Fukuda posts beautiful photographs from Tokyo. It’s things you likely won’t see in glossy magazines, but that’s what makes the page so luring. He also travels the world and shares unusual locations as seen through his unique artistic perspective.

14. Austin Mann – 90.9k followers

Austin Mann travels the world, illuminating remote destinations. He is an Apple ambassador, and uses his iPhone to take his high-quality photos. Truly an inspiration to us all.

15. Joel Robinson – 62.4k followers

Canadian artist and photographer Joel Robinson has mastered surrealist photography which is the first thing you’ll notice when you stumble on his account. He features people in dreamlike environments as part of his conceptual work.

One of the driving forces behind the more successful Instagram accounts is the work that goes behind each shot. Grow your Instagram account following with the right approach, but also don’t forget take care of the hashtags. If you specialize in photography, here is everything you need to know about Instagram hashtags for photographers. Good luck and come back for more insights from popular photography accounts!

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