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Depositphotos is now collaborating with Defrozo marketing platform launched recently on Kickstarter, becoming an Official Integrated Partner.

Defrozo is a marketing platform that allows photographers to manage their photos online. All the necessary business processes, ranging from the formation of the portfolio to registration of transactions can now be easily and quickly done using the free service from Defrozo.

Depositphotos became the Official Integrated Partner of the platform, because we believe that chore of everyday marketing management should not take much of photographers’ time and efforts. We are confident in the demand of Defrozo service, you can delegate all your workflow.

We decided to start cooperation by supporting the project on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Campaign launched on March 17, and during the first week Defrozo collected 31% of the $50,000 it needs, receiving the status of Kickstarter Staff Pick in the first hours after the launch.

The aim of Depositphotos is to help photographers and their clients to find each other. Partnership with Defrozo allow companies to reach a common goal – increasing the quantity of high-quality content on the photo stocks market.

With benefits of Defrozo you can showcase your photography, organize your workflow, manage your clients, sell prints, and discover growth hacks tailored specifically to photographers. Defrozo unites image hosting, site management, CRM-system and document management on the integrated WordPress-based platform.

Depositphotos is interested in the development of innovative tools in the field of photography, design and video. This concerns both the tools to work with visual content, and marketing solutions for businesses, where such content is a product.

We believe that the partnership of Depositphotos and Defrozo will create new opportunities for participants of photo stocks market, increasing the number of unique content and simplifying access to it to the end customer.

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