Forget about puzzling conditions in small print. Save time on exhausting calculations. A new Referral Program by Depositphotos is as clear and simple as it can be—all to help you take full advantage of recommending the platform to your friends, colleagues, and partners.

The Referral Program is now more profitable for you. From now on, you get a 40% cash reward for your first referral and 15% from their further purchases for the next 3 years.

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Who can get a reward for inviting new clients to join Depositphotos? 

To enjoy your referral reward, you must be a registered Depositphotos user. Your current plans and their status (active or not) do not matter. Simply invite someone new to join our platform as a client by using your referral link.

If you were already a member of the old Referral or Partner Program, the scheme for receiving bonuses from previously invited users remains unchanged. As for the rewards regarding new user invitations and purchases—these bonuses are calculated according to the new program.

Referral Program Updates: 40% for Newcomers and 3 Years of Bonuses


How to get your first Referral Program reward

Step 1. Find and copy your referral link. This can be done in the Refer & Earn section of your Depositphotos account (Your profile picture ➡️ Refer & Earn ➡️ Copy Link).

Find Refer & Earn section

Want to share a specific Depositphotos page to invite your friends? 

The initial unique referral link redirects a person to the Depositphotos home page. To share a different one as your referral link, copy your account ID (“?ref=XXXXXXXX”) and append it to the desired URL.

Add your referral link to any Depositphotos page

Step 2. Recommend Depositphotos to your friends and colleagues by inviting them to register on the site using your referral link.

Step 3. Track bonuses anytime. As soon as people who have registered on Depositphotos with your referral link buy something, you see the reward on your account (Menu ➡️ Refer & Earn).

Track Referral Program earnings

Step 4. Withdraw your reward using PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer. The withdrawal amount must exceed $50. You can withdraw the bonus after 30 days from the moment of its accrual.

Note! You get a referral reward in the case of a new client registration on Depositphotos. This means the email and payment method of the person you invite must be unique to our platform.


Track your bonuses in real time

Checking your referral rewards has never been easier! Sign in on Depositphotos and go to the Referral Program section to enjoy the statistics.

As soon as the user you invited makes a new purchase, it will be reflected in your account with a new cash reward. 30 days after your friend’s purchase, you can cash out the referral account.

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For more information or detailed referral statistics, contact our Support Team. You can also visit the updated Referral Program page for FAQs. 

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