Good news for our Referral Program members, as well as all platform users! Starting from fall 2023, you can multiply your profits by leveraging three referral tools that automate your “friend inviting” activities.

The terms of the program remain the same: Invite friends, colleagues, partners, or clients to use Depositphotos and wait for them to select plans. You’ll receive a 40% cash reward for their first purchase and 15% from their further purchases for the next 3 years.

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The Depositphotos Referral Program. How can one start?

To join the Referral Program by Depositphotos, you need to be a registered platform user. Both contributors and clients with active plans or without them can become program members.

To share a referral link, click on the personal profile icon in the right corner of your screen and go to the “Refer & Earn” section. There, you can find a personal referral link, copy it, and share with friends. If they follow it for registration and then buy anything on Depositphotos, you get a referral bonus:

  • 40% from their first purchase;
  • 15% from further purchases for the next 3 years.

You can share any Depositphotos page (for example, one with a file you like) with a referral link, too. For this, copy your account ID (“?ref=XXXXXXXX”) and append it to a URL you’d like to share. Find detailed instructions here.

Income tracking. To see if your friends are making purchases and view your cash rewards, scroll down the Refer & Earn page. All your referrals, transactions, and overall statistics are presented there. You can check statistics for any selected period.

Withdrawal. You are free to withdraw your referral bonus using PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer after the amount on your account exceeds $50. You can withdraw the bonus after 30 days from the moment of its accrual.

Referral Program Updates: 40% for Newcomers and 3 Years of Bonuses


Maximizing Referral Program Income: New tools and Tips

This fall, we are introducing free tools for Referral Program members. You can apply them simultaneously or start with one that aligns with your work routine or business specifics.

1. Sharing articles

If you run a blog, a social media account, or an informational platform, why not help users simplify their project work with images, videos, or music from Depositphotos?

You don’t need to convince them yourself. Simply request a tailored article from our team, and we’ll make sure it fits your communicational style. Besides, the article (or post) will include a unique promo code together with a referral link.

2. Adding banners & other visuals

Enrich your monetization strategy by utilizing our vibrant banners. Select a banner size, design, and language. Then, download it for use on your website, social media, or anywhere else. Add a unique referral link to the visual of your choice and enjoy more people generating income for you.

3. Become an official Depositphotos reseller

Do you have a high-traffic platform with clients who need stock content? Consider becoming a reseller and distributing items from our 270M+ library. Do so directly from your platform and earn a commission for every sale!

To become our partner, just leave a request and we’ll get back to you with API access to Depositphotos (or other solutions that fit your needs and business structure). Please consider that integrating a new functionality to your platform might require your development team.

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For more information or detailed referral statistics, contact our Support Team. You can also visit the Referral Program page for FAQs.


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