Affiliate marketing might sound like rocket science, but it’s actually an easy way to partner with a business and make money on the side. Some businesses offer partners program, making it easy to join forces and work towards the same goals. At Depositphotos, we have a partners program that anyone can get on board with to start earning money…today.

What is a partners program?

The partners program (also known as an affiliate program) is basically an opportunity to make an additional income that does not require much effort but brings benefits both to you and the business you’re working with.

In brief, all you have to do is receive a partner’s link, a banner or an image that you add to any social media account, website or blog and get your commission from every user that clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase.

Depositphotos, as one of the leaders in the stock photography business also has an easy-to-use partners program that you can join to start earning money from this kind of partnership.

Depositphotos Partners Program

How does the Depositphotos Partners Program work?

If you have a business, write for a blog or have an email newsletter regularly send to your mailing list that is interested in visual content, you can become a Depositphotos partner and make money on the side with our partners program.

To do that, simply sign up with our partners platform. After you register, you’ll receive an onboarding email from our partners marketing manager with all the essential information to get started. You’ll receive tips on how to log in and explore the dashboard of your personal account and how to start earning money with the program.

In short, you’ll receive a link, which can be placed anywhere on your website. Every time someone makes a purchase, the link tracks the individual action on your page and you get paid straight away.


The benefits of joining the Depositphotos Partners Program

Making money on the side is not the only benefit Depositphotos has to offer to its partners.

The Depositphotos Partners Program also offers:

  • special conditions for best-performing partners
  • ready-to-use API widgets, banners, videos, and text links
  • transparent tracking through a third-party platform
  • monthly payments
  • regular promo codes
  • a dedicated and experienced partners manager to help you at every stage


Depositphotos Partners Program updates

We value those that choose to partner with us, which is why we’re always working on new and improved affiliate marketing conditions. This year, we’re introducing new updates to help you benefit from being an affiliate to Depositphotos even more.

From now on, every partner is granted 40% from the first purchase and 20% for all following purchases the user will make. The rate is flexible and the most active partners can get up to 80% for bringing in new customers. You can personally promote pages with our affiliate links and increase your earnings this way.


We also have a joint partners program with Crello

Recently, we launched a partners program for our groundbreaking online image editor Crello. With our joint partnership program with Crello, you start with 65% earnings from a single sale of the Crello plans, up to 75% after 10 sales, and 85% for more than 30 sales of the monthly subscription plan.

With the yearly subscription plan, you get 20% for first 10 sales, 25% from 10 to 30 sales.

This year’s updates offer a unique opportunity – to make the most of both the Depositphotos Partners Program, and with our joint program with Crello. You can even choose to partner with both options for higher income.


Let’s get started

Interested in earning money with the Depositphotos Partners Program? Sign up today and we’ll help you get started right away.

By the way, we provide 24/7 support in 20 languages and offer special plans for enterprises in case you need any particular information on the Depositphotos Partners Program.

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