How did you become a photographer? Is there a story you’d like to share? 

This July, Depositphotos is inviting photographers of all genres and backgrounds to share their stories of becoming a visual artist. 

With this open call, we’re looking to explore what it takes to become a photographer. What are the stereotypes that artists face during their journey? How do they cope with prejudice in society? What helps them expand their boundaries? The Depositphotos creative community consists of over 100,000 talented people, so we know that it’s not as easy to become a photographer as it seems. For this reason, we’d like to showcase the photographer’s way to a wider audience.. 

Share your story by July 18, 2021, and partake in a project that will make a difference.

Open Call for Photographers: Share Your Story with Depositphotos


About the upcoming project

Project’s theme:

The Photographer’s Way

Idea behind the project:

If you dreamed of becoming a photographer from an early age and easily achieved your goal, you’re lucky! 

Sometimes, a visual artist’s path is more of a hurdle. Some face the stereotype that being a photographer is not a serious job. Others simply have no support from their families and friends, and they fall short due to other people’s expectations. Many run into obstacles and fall, but a lot more find strength to follow their dreams, no matter how challenging it is.

Our mission:

We’d like to shed light on photographers and unique stories they have about becoming visual artists. We aim to highlight their journeys and explore how they translate their life experience through photography.

Do you have a story to share? Continue reading to find out about open call rules and requirements.


Who can participate in the open call

Photographers of all genres, nationalities, and backgrounds are welcome to partake in the open call for this upcoming Depositphotos project. Whether you come from a small town or a big city, or are a seasoned professional or an aspiring photographer, don’t hesitate to share your story. We’d like to hear all of them!

How to participate in the open call: 3 quick steps

1. Create a publication in your account that includes:

  •  image and a personal story about becoming a photographer. This could be a photo taken on the day you reached an important milestone as a visual artist, for example.
  • the hashtag #photographersway in the caption of your post

2. Tag the published image with @depositphotos

3. Have a public account, so that we can see your submissions in the contest tag feed

Please follow directions carefully so that we don’t miss out on your submissions. 

Man alone with nature stock photography

The open call deadline

You can share your stories with us until the end of the day on July 18, 2021. Submissions added after the deadline will not be reviewed. 

There’s no entry fee to participate in the open call


You shared your story on Instagram, what’s next?

After the open call deadline, the Depositphotos team will take a two-week period to review submissions (until July 30, 2021). 

We’ll be looking for personal stories that share turning points and unexpected experiences of becoming a photographer; stories that uncover stereotypes or have a solid social stance on what it takes to become a photographer.

If your story falls under the above-mentioned criteria, we’ll contact you for more details with a collaboration request. 

Photographers that participate in the project will get a chance to:

  • share their personal story with a global community
  • gain international exposure and media coverage
  • get interviewed for the Depositphotos blog feature or other media

Follow @depositphotos on Instagram for news and updates 

We look forward to hearing your stories!

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