The old money aesthetic, once viewed as the exclusive domain of the elite, is now taking social media by storm. With a staggering 8.6 billion views for the hashtag #OldMoney on TikTok alone, it’s clear that this aesthetic has captivated a wide audience, democratizing the notion of discreet luxury. This popularity of the old money aesthetic is more than just a fleeting trend — it’s a statement about valuing elegance over conspicuous consumption.

In this article, we delve into the nuances of the old money aesthetic, exploring what makes it so compelling and how it can be integrated into a marketing strategy. And to help you bring the old money aesthetic to life, we’ve prepared a special collection of visuals that capture its essence. Dive in to learn more and get inspired!

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Old Money Aesthetic. What is It and Why is It so Popular


What is the old money aesthetic?

The “old money aesthetic” is a cultural trend that captures the essence of wealth — one that has stood the test of time. It’s not just about flaunting affluence, but rather showing a refined lifestyle that screams wealth without actually having to say it. Unlike “new money,” which is often associated with conspicuous consumption, the old money aesthetic exudes restraint and sophistication.

The aesthetic has been immortalized in various forms of media, from popular movies and TV shows to the aspirational posts flooding today’s social media. It has experienced a rise in popularity on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, often showcased alongside similar tags like “quiet luxury,” and “stealth wealth.” The massive engagement on these platforms shows that this trend is anything but niche, with hashtags like #OldMoneyAesthetic having billions of views. With the rise of influencer culture, its appeal transcends generational boundaries, further emphasizing the old money aesthetic’s broad allure.

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Old Money Aesthetic. What is It and Why is It so Popular

What makes this trend especially significant is the shift in its values that align more closely with today’s social concerns. Traditionally, old money was linked almost exclusively to the elite, symbolizing a lifestyle out of reach for most. However, with economic uncertainties and a high cost of living, many young people find ways of reproducing old money aesthetic in increasingly accessible ways. More people are now adopting its elements through second-hand shopping or investing in timeless pieces, essentially democratizing what was once an exclusive lifestyle. The trend now encourages a mindful approach to fashion and lifestyle, showing the importance of investing in items that are not just luxurious, but also practical and sustainable. It’s no longer just about things that signal wealth, but also about a meaningful emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and longevity.


Elements of the old money aesthetic

  • Luxury with restraint. At the heart of the old money aesthetic is the idea of “quiet” luxury — quality over quantity, essence over show. Products or brands that resonate with this aesthetic often use materials of the highest quality, but in a manner that is restrained. Branding is subtle, if present at all, with emphasis on craftsmanship over logos.
  • Timelessness. Old money focuses on items that stand the test of time and don’t conform to ever-changing trends. They are considered “investment pieces” that can be passed down through generations.
  • Neutral visuals. The visuals of this aesthetic are often rooted in a specific color palette—rich, but muted tones, often complemented by pastel hues. Design elements usually feature clean lines and classic patterns.

Old Money Aesthetic. What is It and Why is It so Popular


How can you integrate the old money aesthetic into your marketing?

1. Advocate for sustainable luxury

The old money aesthetic encourages long-lasting and timeless items, which naturally aligns with sustainability. Brands can incorporate this by promoting their eco-friendly practices and commitment to sustainability — adopting ethical manufacturing processes or offering repair services to extend product lifespan. It not only showcases that luxury can coexist with sustainability but that it can also serve a broader social purpose.

2. Celebrate timelessness over trendiness

This aesthetic values enduring style over fleeting fashion trends. You can align with this by showcasing how your products stand the test of time both in durability and style. By focusing on the everlasting quality of your products, you can attract customers that seek long-term value rather than momentary trends, ensuring a more committed audience.

3. Prioritize exclusivity without elitism

Old money is about exclusivity, not elitism. You shouldn’t create barriers that make your brand feel unapproachable or pretentious. To make your consumers feel like they are part of an exclusive club without snobbery, try offering limited edition products, members-only benefits, or personalized services.

Old Money Aesthetic. What is It and Why is It so Popular

4. Use social media wisely

Given the huge impact of platforms like Instagram and TikTok in popularizing the old money aesthetic, focus on creating relatable content that showcases the lifestyle your brand promotes. Instead of influencers using your brand products in sponsored posts, aim for creating authentic stories that resonate with the core values of your brand. Behind-the-scenes and user-generated content can create compelling stories that resonate with your audience and foster community around your brand’s values.

5. Offer practical luxury

The aesthetic isn’t just about looking good. In your messaging, don’t forget to focus on the functional aspects of your products that make them smart investments. How does owning your products improve everyday life or add value beyond just aesthetic appeal? Highlighting luxury, as well as the utility of your products can add a compelling layer to your messaging.


To wrap up

The old money aesthetic is more than just a hashtag or a popular trend. It’s a cultural shift that reflects changing attitudes towards wealth, luxury, and social status. Far from being a fashion statement alone, it’s influencing various aspects of contemporary life, from fashion and interior design to travel and lifestyle choices. It prioritizes enduring quality over fleeting glamor, shifting the focus from ostentation to a more quiet form of wealth. If you are eager to delve deeper into the old money aesthetic, check out our special collection of visuals dedicated to it.

Discover Old Money Collection


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