The microstock agency Depositphotos has updated its Affiliate Program. Now, all links from a registered social network user directly to automatically take part in the Affiliate program. The process of sharing has been updated: major social network buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ appear on the “Bookmarking and Sharing Services” block of every single-image page, and links from these social networks are tracked by Pinterest. Every time a you as a registered user click on one of these social media buttons, and share that Depositphotos image, he can earn money.

To become a participant in the Affiliate Program, you need to be registered at Depositphotos’ website as either a buyer or a seller. The difference between registering as a buyer or as a seller affects how you withdraw funds and how you can use the money you earn:

Bookmarking and Sharing Services

When you register as a buyer can buy new files with the money earned in the Affiliate Program, or make withdrawals to his PayPal or MoneyBookers account.

When you register as a seller will have all of the Affiliate Program money earned deposited into his seller’s account.

Your Public Profile

Commissions are based on the selling and buying activity of Referrals:

When you refer a contributor through the Affiliate Program you earn $0.03 every time one of the Referral’s images is sold in a subscription purchase.

When you refer a buyer you earn a 15% commission for every credit purchase made by the Referral, and a sliding percentage for the Referral’s subscription purchases: 10% of a 1-month subscription, 8% of a 3-month subscription, 6% of a 6-month subscription and 4% or a 12-month subscriptionReferral Stats.

As a Depositphotos user you can watch your income grow on your “Referral Stats” page and keep track of referrals (people who have registered at using your personal referral link) on your “My Referrals” page.

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