Half way through the year, we like to do a little review for our photographers. Mobile photography has been on the rise and we wanted to take a look at our library to see which mobile photographs are in top sales.

What do these photos reveal? First of all, if you compare it to our previous cover on the top mobile photographs in our database, you might notice some new trends. It’s also a great way to get a hint at what’s selling now, what has changed and the overall aesthetic that is currently trending.

1. Black and white interiors

It’s a popular opinion that black and white photography is losing its influence. Our top mobile photograph reveals that that’s far from true. Black and white photography is as relevant as ever and is still making waves in stock photography. The simplicity it brings to patterns such as this one, goes to show that there is a time and a place for black and white photography. This particular shot is executed to perfection.

top mobile photographs depositphotos

2. Versatile backgrounds

This photograph of a peacock feather with drops of water is popular because it serves as a very versatile shot that can be used for many purposes. Whether it’s full size, or cropped, it’s a neutral shot that can be used as a background. The composition in this macro shot and the interesting depth of field contributes to the success of the very simple, yet versatile photograph.

top mobile stock photographs depositphotos

3. Candid moments

Candid, everyday moments make photographs sentimental and relatable. In this shot, a mother is tending to her tasks while taking care of her child. There is something incredibly touching about it, given the casual overtones. People around the world take shots of everyday life and we can all appreciate them because it brings us closer to other cultures, people and traditions.

top mobile photogrpaphs

4. Your point of view

When we cover trends in our blog, we often bring up the topic of photographs shot from this perspective. Candid moments of everyday life are also quite popular and make these photographs relatable to many. To shoot something as simple as breakfast in bed from your perspective will immediately appeal to many. It’s another example of how your simplest photographs can become best sellers.

top mobile stock photographs depositphotos

5. Sunset or sunrise

This could be either one, but that’s not what makes the shot. Photographs of serene landscapes where colors are the focus of the photograph will always be in demand. To add to the great composition, the line of birds captured in flight adds a contrast to the foreground and background and makes the image more visually interesting. The sunrise and sunset are a beautiful time to go photograph and a lovely addition to any portfolio.

top mobile stock photographs depositphotos

6. The power of colors

The electric blue of the sky beautifully compliments the calm of the sea waves. The shades of blue in this photograph are perhaps the most striking feature. A flock of seabirds midflight make the casual shot of a day at the beach. Another simple photograph that translates the atmosphere of a place. It’s a great example of the power of color in photographs.

top mobile photographs depositphotos

7. Serene landscapes

When we talk about landscape photographs, the mood set up by the photographer is so important. In this photograph, the only word that probably comes to mind is ‘serenity’. The color palette, the reflection, composition and symmetry are some of the things that make this photograph so successful.

top mobile stock photographs depositphotos

8. Atmospheric shot

Candid moments of everyday life in a combination with nature and landscapes will always be more inviting than staged photographs. Two people huddled under a blanket, overlooking a canyon can quickly look quite forced, however the fact that this photograph is shot from the back with rays of sunlight outlining their silhouettes makes it for a much more interesting composition.

top mobile stock photographs depositphotos

9. Minimalism

Three ducks against a white background can potentially be an underwhelming photograph, but the way this shot is composed, and the perfect timing of it makes it quite the opposite. It’s a simple composition, with a pop of color and an emphasis on patterns. Minimalistic, simple shots will always be attention grabbing, especially when colors help reveal a story.

top mobile stock photographs depositphotos

10. Pet photography

Our furry (or not so furry in this case) friends sometimes make for the best subjects to photograph. Humans form connections with their pets and this relationship is sometimes evident in photographs. A cat casually gazes up in this striking photograph from an unusual angle. It’s simple but somehow captivating as a photograph with an emphasis on the cat’s piercing eyes.

top mobile photographs

Every photographer can draw their own conclusions based on these 10 photographs. I think the main thing to take away is that categories such as animals, objects, nature, food and drink, people and travel will always be in demand. You can also tell that the style of these photographs varies, and there isn’t a defined one that results in more sales.

When your phone is easily accessible, use it to your advantage. You can quickly snap shots when your camera isn’t available, keyword and upload via Clashot. Mobile photography might just be the next big thing.

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