The importance of color choice is constantly highlighted by marketers. Being a powerful tool for promotion, it greatly influences consumer behavior and may account for up to 85% of the reason why a particular decision is made by a client.

If chosen properly, colors can evoke emotions towards a product, build associations with a brand, and even impact the success of a campaign. However, manually filtering all the files to a color you need on a stock photography platform may take ages.

Having decided on a color solution you go for, you can save time by trying the Depositphotos search by color feature and find visuals you need in a matter of minutes.

How to search by color on the Depositphotos website

Search by color is one of the advanced features on the  Depositphotos website. To access it and other filters such as search by image size, amount of people, and contributor, you have to register and log in with the website. This is how your homepage will look like:

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

To search by color you should do the following:

  1. Type in your keywords in the search field
  2. Select the type of content: images, photos, vectors or videos
  3. Click on the panel of filters and choose “color”

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

The Despositphotos search offers over 70 color filters, going from black and white to bold colors like cobalt blue. If you have not tried this feature yet, here’s an example of how it is useful.

How the search by color is useful

Whether you’re designing a website, posting on social media or blog, you should stick to one aesthetics. It will help you establish credibility, make a statement about your brand and conquer a like-minded audience. Our Instagram account will give you an understanding of what we’re talking about.

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

Visuals that are coherent and are chosen with the color filter help give your social media account or project more coherence and consistency. By using natural colors that according to Pantone, will become the new classics in 2020, we’re helping our clients stand out and be one step ahead of others.

Next year, dark blue, khaki, white, and beige will gain momentum and you can quickly find visuals in these trendy colors by using the search by color feature.

Colors you can’t go wrong with in 2020

1. Dark blue

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

2. Blanc de Blanc

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

3. Versatile khaki

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

4. Pearl grey

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

5. Warm beige

Search by Color on Depositphotos to Save Time

Search by color is a feature you can use for all kinds of projects, not only for social media or website designs. For instance, if you’re working on a presentation, visuals of the same shades will make it look stylish and coherent. You can also use search by color to create moodboards or decide on color solutions for interior designs. Most importantly, this filter resembles the color wheel and helps you properly match two or more colors together.

Now you know how to make the most out of the Depositphotos search by color filter so good luck with your future projects!

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