You’re here. You’ve made it! Finally, there’s an article that gathers all the most inspiring photography projects to date to bring you inspiration on a golden platter. We scouted near and far to find the projects that will speak to the artist in you.  Today’s cover includes some trully innovative photographs as well as simply clever, thoughtful and creative projects from around the web. 

Our collection is a combination of the work of talented artists and individual photographs, each worth a thousand words. For now, allow me to abandon words (briefly) and show instead of tell. Here are the 10 most inspiring photography projects on the web:

Street Art 2.0 by Philippe Echaroux

Philippe Echaroux took photography to a whole new dimension when he projected his art on the Amazon rainforest. It’s a beautiful, mesmerising project with a commentary on deforestation and the indigenous inhabitants that live there. Using multiple mediums, Philippe trully highlights what an innovative photograph is and can be. 




Creative Photo Manipulations by Hugh Kretschmer

Hugh Kretschmer creates surrealistic photos ranging from commercial projects to more fine art works. The images illustrate the artist’s flight or imagination, taking us somewhere entirely new to decipher the hidden meanings behind the works.




Aerial Wonders by Kacper Kowalksi

Kacper Kowalksi took advantage of the changing seasons to bring us a new perspective on nature and surroundings. He shot these photographs about 150 meters off the ground with a paraglider or gyroplane. Originally entitled ‘Side Effects’, Kacper explores the relationship between man and nature.



Bella Umbrella by Tim Tadder

The project in itself is simple but visually powerful. Tim Tadder has brought us fashion photography with a twist. Vintage umbrellas, fashion and smoke is all that’s needed to make an impact.




Combo Photos by Stephen McMennamy

Stephen McMennamy is an art director that launched the project Combo Photos which is literally about the combination of two unrelated but fitting photos. With a touch of humor and an artistic hand, Stephen delivers interesting shots and some food for thought. Here’s another case of innovative photographs created with a little bit of wit. 




Abandoned World by Suzanne Moxhay

Suzanne Moxhay effortlessly merges her photography with collected images. The results are mesmerising illusions of places that seem to come to life right before our eyes. Nature disrupts architecture in a way that juxtaposes the two focal elements in each photograph.




The Red Line by Nicolas Rivals

French photographer Nicolas Rivals features minimalistic light installations in the context of countryside surroundings. The artist takes us on a journey that is about man and nature; quiet, still, poetic. The unexpected juxtaposition is luring and mysterious and to each, the images speak a different message.




At Night by Andreas Levers

The art of Andreas Levers is a little reminiscent of a lucid dream. The photographer beautifully captures the beauty of a deserted urban setting. The series of photographs are mysterious, serene and perhaps even a little frightening.




Jarred & Displaced by Christoffer Relander

For this project, Christoffer Relander used double exposure photography to literally capture a landscape inside the jars. The project was a result of some nostalgia and precious memories and illuminates a whole other medium and a new way of expression.




Found Art by Stuart Haygarth

Stuart Haygarth collects objects and tells their stories with the help of photography. When commissioned for a project, Stuart walked along a beach and simply collected the things he saw which later turned into a grandiose project. The man-made objects really whisper to us all how much waste we produce as a result of overconsumption.




We hope these projects spark ideas and inspire you to create. Do you  have other projects you have in mind that will go with this collection? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to include them and don’t forget to see even more creative photography projects from earlier this year.

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