Planning an event? Make a list of guests, prepare the agenda and let us help you create and design amazing event posters. Whether you want to hang it in your office or to post on social media – you need to make it eye-catching, informative, and well-designed. A good poster will help you attract people’s attention and drive them to your event. Poster design seems like a daunting task for many people. However, by following a few basic rules and having creative poster templates at hand, you can do it quickly and even enjoy the process.

5 Tips on How to Make a Poster for an Event

The hardest thing when creating designs is always to start. Start with a search for inspiration – look for even poster designs in Google or on Pinterest, select the ones you like and find out what they have in common. It can be a good starting point and you’ll be able to start designing your own event poster.

1. Start with an event poster template

There are hundreds of ready-made templates you can use to design your own event poster. There are platforms like Crello, where you can select templates and add your images and texts. The interface is intuitive, you can change elements easily and adapt them to your events. You don’t have to combine images, texts, and colors – just select the template you like and add your details.

creative event poster templates

How to design a poster for an event in Crello

  1. Go to Crello and select “Events” in the upper menu.

event poster ideas for any format

  1. Click on “Invitation” and select the template you like most.

halloween event poster template of any choice

  1. Adapt your template to your event. You can change text, images, size and add any other elements to your design.

custom event poster template design

2. Don’t overload your poster with information

Some people believe that the more information you provide in your poster, the better. That’s why you can sometimes see designs filled with text on the topic of the event, time, prices, early bird tickets and even directions on how to get to the location.

Poster for the upcoming Thanksgiving event

However, the secret of a good event poster design is minimalism. Try not to overload it with information. Let people notice the important information first and show them the place where they can get other details. It should take only several seconds for people to understand what your event is about.

What kind of information you should provide:

  • what kind of event it’s going to be;
  • place and time;
  • where to get more information.

Of course, you can add any other information, however, try to balance it wisely with negative space.

3. Follow the typography hierarchy

The most important text should be the largest. It will help you attract the attention of people who are interested in your event. You can create a typographic hierarchy using size, colors, typeface, and position. Combining fonts in different ways can give your event poster a whole new look, so it’s a good field to experiment with.

professional event poster background with proper typography

Depending on the object of your poster you can emphasize different ideas. Usually, the main heading is the theme of your event. Make date and time visible as well, as many people will look for that information. Use the smallest font sizes for the details. Make important information bold to attract attention to it.

4. Stand out from the crowd

Every day we face much more information than we can process and our minds immediately discard information we don’t need. That’s why you need to create something really relevant and bold to catch people’s attention. If your event poster is hanging on the bulletin board it’s competing with other posters for people’s attention.

bright graphic design event poster

Use bold colors, contrast, don’t be afraid to select visuals that catch people’s attention. Think of a creative headline that sinks into the mind. Be creative and people will notice you!

5. Choose the right images for your upcoming event

Irrelevant or low-quality images can spoil even a perfect design. You can choose one good photo or select several different images and create a collage. Try to choose something relevant to the topic of your event and don’t hesitate to buy an image – it doesn’t cost a lot and you will be sure that you don’t violate copyright and can legally use it. Choose the image in high resolution, especially if you are going to print it.

minimalist event poster design

Designing an event poster can be fun and, moreover, you’ll be able to enhance creativity and your design skills. And if you don’t want to go into a design – choose ready templates and adapt them to your idea. We hope our tips helped you. Good luck!

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