Hello there! It is the 10th and final issue of High Five! for this year, and today we are summing up the most burning microstock-related topics with the help of Depositphotos’ contributor Anna Furman.

5 tendencies of microstock photography

1) Competition among professional stockers is growing even stronger.

2) It is getting much more difficult for newcomers to get into the top tier of microstocks and start earning.

3) Glamorous or unnatural pictures are falling out of fashion; what clients need is sincerity, real emotions, and everything natural.

4) Customers prefer photographs of interesting and charismatic models, who are not necessarily beautiful.

5) Fresh ideas and a sense of humor really matter.

Natural skin care | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Анна Фурман

5 mistakes stock photographers make

1) Imitating or copying top-selling photographs.

2) Too much attention to isolated images on white.

3) Failing to choose the right models for particular shoots.

4) Delays in seasonal uploads.

5) Inability to choose the best works from shoots.

Santas loneliness | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Анна Фурман

5 difficulties of working with microstock agencies

1) Different admission criteria for different agencies; it’s hard to remember all the idiosyncrasies.

2) The need to always follow the current industry trends.

3) It’s difficult to keep up with the current pace of uploads.

4) A high level of routine.

5) It’s hard not to repeat yourself.

Young sensual bride sits in the red car | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Анна Фурман

5 ways to find inspiration

1) Stumble upon a new face and plan a shoot for that particular person.

2) Watch visually interesting and innovative movies, with artistic photography.

3) When your images on certain subjects sell well, let that inspire you to create something similar.

4) Let the subjects you are keen on (e.g., sports or yoga) offer inspiration for your shoots.

5) Dreams always help.

Moment of happiness | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Анна Фурман

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