The excitement of a new decade is a factor that is encouraging many creatives to share ideas, themes, and aesthetics from the 2020 Visual Trends Report. If you’re not familiar with them yet, here’s a long story short. This year, the latest technological advancements, as well as social concerns about their implications will become central topics to illustrate and share. This tendency can already be observed in nearly every field of visual communication, including graphic design. 

However, a range of questions still requires clarification. How does the world’s futuristic route influence design? Won’t people get tired of similar vibes here and there? And, in the end, can we even single out any new graphic design trends for 2020?

In light of this, we’d like to share with you some concepts and themes that are a bit unusual as for solid trends, but will help you tap into new sources of inspiration based on movements and ideas. We have also created an infographic on major graphic design trends for 2020 that you can keep at hand for ideas and references. 


Graphic design is taking the futuristic route

Unlike last year, 2020 graphic design trends will, to a large extent, be about technology and the future. Bold types, fluid shapes, and neon colors will still remain relevant and trendy if they create alternative experiences and surprise viewers with dystopian vibes in graphic design projects. In addition to already existing trends, designers will seek inspiration in sci-fi, promoting the cyberpunk aesthetic to a larger audience. 

However, there will also be a couple of trends juxtaposed to the futuristic ones. We’re talking about more subtle designs and stylistics that will provide a break for the eyes and minds of people. For instance, the Bauhaus style will make a legendary comeback. It will preserve its classic and minimalist features but with an ultra-modern touch.

To find out all the graphic design trends for 2020, check out our infographic. 


Graphic Design Trends for 2020 [Infographic]

Graphic Design Trends 2020 to Enter the New Decade [Infographic]

As most of the graphic design trends for 2020 are saturated with futuristic vibes, creatives are urged to think multiple steps ahead with their projects and, citing Lewis Carroll, they must run twice as fast as they can if they wish to get anywhere.  

This year, designers should try to think outside the box and use trends as an auxiliary tool that will help them achieve their goals in both short- and long-term perspectives. 

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