Crello’s new animated designs add the ‘fun’ back in design. You might be wondering what animated designs are, and instead of explaining we thought we’d bring the good news in a short video:

Animated designs are templates, just like the ones for all the different formats, except that they’re animated and always moving. It’s really another great feature that can help you make your designs for social media, emails and blogs truly stand out.

animated designs you can edit free and easy

With animated designs, you can add objects, icons and customize the text to make the design your own. There are hundreds of animated templates and they are all free. Altering text is easy, as is downloading your finished designs. Two formats are currently available – Universal Social Media Post and Instagram Post in an mp4 format.

Crello’s animated designs also include animated backgrounds. Currently, it is the only online editor that offers this special feature. Crello will soon expand the library of animated formats to include Facebook Covers, Facebook Posts, icons, and illustrations.

free animated designs crello online editor

Be the first to try out our animated designs and impress your friends and clients! Are you ready to take your creativity to the  next level?

Create animated designs

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