We’re back to exploring trends! Much can be said about the role video plays in marketing and business in general. We thought we would do a roundup of our best convent on video to provide useful links to photo collections and readings about using and integrating video into your workflow.

One thing is for sure – video usage is on the rise. Majority of businesses are investing and integrating video into their content strategy as well as social media activity. By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. If that holds true, it’s time to really get moving in this direction if you have an online business.

Read: Why Including People in Videos is Important to Your Business

why including people is important in videos

Whether you’re making a commercial video, a guide, or a presentation, including people is a must if you want people to somehow relate to your content. Find out why exactly including people is a must.

Watch: Featured Video Collection: Perfect Symmetry

Immerse yourself in an artistic collection of videos of perfect symmetry as found in nature and everyday life. Whether it’s mesmerising videos you need for your projects or simply want to add some to your collection, everything you will need is here.

Check out: Infographic – Video Marketing Stats in 2017

Now, if you’re still on the edge about video at this point, or somehow doubt that video is the future of online marketing, check out our infographic about video marketing stats. This one’s for the bookmarks.

video marketing statistics 2017

Learn: How to Make GIFs From Stock Videos

In a series of very simple steps, you’ll learn how to create your own GIFs. You can do it using the Depositphotos video files or your own – quick and easy skill you can master today.

how to make GIFs from videos

Find out: How to Choose a Video For Your Website With 5 Simple Tips

Thinking about using videos as your website background? Here are some of the basics you should cover before making final decisions.

types of videos

Be in the know: 7 Types of Videos You Can Use in Marketing Campaigns

We’ll break down the types of videos that you can use as well as how to modify them to fit into your marketing strategy. A great resource when you’re scouting for ideas.

featured image

For photographers: How to Start Shooting and Selling Stock Videos

Do you have everything you need to get started with shooting stock videos? Here’s a handy guide on how to break into the business and improve your portfolio of works.


More for photographers: 5 Tips on Shooting Successful Stock Videos

Shooting stock footage is extremely rewarding for stock photographers. Find out how you can make your portfolio more versatile and what makes for a best selling video in our library.


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