Video is said to represent up to 74% of all internet traffic this year. Of course, for marketers this meant rethinking marketing strategies, adjusting to new trends and catching the waves of the next big break.

If you follow the premise that video is one of the most engaging types of visual content, you’ll also agree that it is because the format is so versatile. You can show so much more with video, transform them to fit your strategy and do this at an advantage and at the cost of potentially acquiring new clients.

Using video in your marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be expensive. When resources are limited, video is an especially more convenient medium to turn to. As video continues gaining influence and crowning the content revolution, start-ups and small businesses have to take full advantage of video marketing for their brand.

We’ll break down the types of videos that you can use as well as how to modify them to fit into your marketing strategy.

4 types of low-cost videos in marketing:

  • Stock footage
  • Live video
  • Pre recorded videos
  • User generated videos

How to engage your users using these methods is the next big question. We’ll look at ways to modify these formats to fit specific projects. To not take advantage of the low cost options of including video in your marketing campaigns would be a mistake. What you want to do is stand out from your competition and in order to stand out, you have to get a little more inventive.

How to use videos in marketing campaigns:

1. Introduction to your company or business

This type of video can be used on all sorts of platforms – your website, YouTube channel, and other social media accounts. This is a much more convenient and quick way to tell prospective clients about your company. A video can communicate more ideas than a wall of text and it’s certainly more entertaining. It can also be a great way to present yourself in the ‘About us’ page. You don’t need a lengthly video, it’s enough to showcase your product and maybe a little bit of your working space together with a voiceover.


2. Demo of your product

The next place where video would be beneficial is to showcase your product. This can be a pre-recorded video of your latest product or your main one. You can take it a step further and take your viewers behind the scenes of your business to show the process. All of these ideas can help breath life into your product or services in a more relatable way. This can also be a simple screen capture video that shows the way your product works or specific functions that are important.

3. Client testimonials

You can use video to show real people reflecting on your product. These videos are highly effective as they give new clients something to remember about your product and a way to relate to your brand. The sheer notion of listening to other people talk about your company or you products is much more effective than having words on a screen.

4. Create GIFs

Another way to showcase the function of your product or embody the essence of your business is through GIFs. GIFs can be fun and certainly more engaging. You can even create a series of GIFs and use them in a blog post. It’s really easy to convert videos to GIFs, as we’ve demonstrated in our recent tutorial.

gifs and videos in marketing

5. How-to or explainer videos

When you’re launching a new product or service, how-to videos are a must. They’re not always applicable to every business but they’re a great way to engage your users. Your video doesn’t have to be specifically about your product. It can simply be a video about your industry or your specialty. For example, if you’re selling diet plans, you can shoot  series of videos about quick recipes for the day, how to prepare meals for a week etc. This will add value to your content and attract your target audience.

6. Live events

Customers love to know that you’re listening to their requests and including them in your events. Live video during a significant event or a talk with important members of your company present is another way to reach out. You can tell them about new additions to your services or new products you’re releasing before getting to the live event.


7. User generated videos

GoPro is handling this masterfully. A lot of their marketing strategies are based on these videos created by their clients. User generated content is submitted voluntarily and does wonders for spreading the word about your business and product. These videos are valuable assets to any company, especially when you’re looking to influence more people and expand your client base.

If you want to explore other types of visual content, see our article on other visual formats you can use as part of your marketing strategy.

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