What’s in Demand: Top 10 Christmas Images

December is one of the most festive months of the year. We decided to take a look at what images are trending during this time. Let’s also break it down and see what makes these images so appealing and popular. Hopefully they will serve as your inspiration and be useful in your projects.

15 Awesome Gifts for Photographers

One thing that is true for all photographers, is that you never have to wreck your brain to come up with great gift ideas. Photographers will find a use for anything, especially if it’s photography related.

A Closer Look at Visual Trends of 2017 [Part 1]

A heated topic of discussion for the next coming months is going to be photography trends for the approaching year. At Depositphotos, we stepped aside for a minute and considered the larger scope. What visual trends are going to dominate and define the coming year?

2016 in Pictures by Bird in Flight

Bird in Flight, an online magazine about photography and visual culture, compiles collections of the best photos from around the world, featuring artists and their works. Today we take a look back at 2016 as an exciting year of photography, travels, events and adventures.

Back to Basics: 10 Composition Rules in Photography

Photography is all about creativity, inspiration and delivering your point of view. With all the freedom, is there really any space for rules? Yes! Composition rules in photography should always be handy because the success of your work depends on them.

Visual Trends Guide 2017

It’s that time of the year! You can be sure that everyone is working away on the new and exciting trends for the coming year. Our predictions for the future trends are just a piece of the bigger puzzle that will surely emerge soon.

What’s in Demand: Top 5 Best Selling Images in Still Life Category

We’re always curious to see which photographs are performing exceptionally well which is why we have launched a series of 'What's in Demand' articles. We uncover secrets of successful photographs and share them with our community of photographers. This fall brings us reminiscent imagery of the past holidays and the ones we have yet to look forward to. Our collection features a few unexpected visuals that might just be fitting for your projects.

Guest Blog Post: Beating the Composition – Advice from a Real-world Photomaker

By Adam Welch

As I think about it, the idea of what goes into making a photograph can seem slightly overwhelming. There really are quite a few things to think about when it comes to making an image (graph) using essentially only light (photo). A photograph (see what I did with the photo and graph thing?) can carry incredible artistic weight and has the power to quite literally change our world and the way that it is viewed. But what exactly makes a photograph great instead of just...well, not so great.  

Discovering Remote Parts of Ukraine with Project Ukraїner

Photography, writing and word of mouth have the potential to spread a powerful message for the rest of the world. One ambitious project that is living up to its potential is project Ukraїner. It was originally started by Bogdan Logvinenko and the scale and impact it is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure, the untold stories of remote parts of Ukraine are ready to be heard.

5 Things Photographers Can Learn From Famous Film Directors

We devour films at incredible speeds, rarely stopping to take in the hidden meanings behind the frames. For every photographer, this is a missed opportunity. Today we take apart frames from movies of some of the world’s most notable film directors to uncover hidden lessons in photography.

11 Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Instagram

There comes a time when every photographer needs a little nudge for a spark of creativity. There is an abundance of resources available to you as inspiration; platforms that are motivating, websites full of knowledge, and of course apps that expand your horizons. Today we look at some of the most inspiring photographers to follow on Instagram. Some of them have shared their bits of stories as well as insights and tips on photography.