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The Role of Photography in User Experience Design

The UX pros claim that stock photos can become huge space-eaters on your website or social networks. This statement is somehow backed up by the eye-tracking research results, presented by Dr. Jakob Nielsen, saying that irrelevant, unnatural, and low-quality images don’t contribute to make your message clear and attractive, as users usually ignore them. How does one avoid these possible consequences? Is it actually possible to improve the overall user experience of a website, using stock photos? Let’s do a little digging.

The Power of Imagery in Web Design – Tricky Tips

A picture on a webpage can make or break it. By means of properly selected visuals, you can make your digital project far more appealing and captivating to the target audience. You can also deliver any message imaginative to the web users. An image can encourage them to make a purchase, evoke emotions, upset them, and have a whole lot of other effects. With a right collection of images, your creative project will come to life and tell the story for you.

Guide to 10 Font Characteristics and Their Use in Design

Fonts play an essential role in design – they set the mood, evoke emotions, and help form an opinion before you get to read the text. They are secret agents of visual communication working with the subconscious of the viewer. This article explains which fonts you should use for different industries and how even the smallest change in font details will alter the reader’s attitude towards the content.

Depositphotos Illustrators Create Alternative Movie Posters for Oscar Nominated Films

One of the most anticipated events for creatives all over the world are the Oscars awards. At Depositphotos, we couldn’t miss this opportunity. As everyone impatiently waited for the list of nominees, we went ahead and made our own list to inspire our contributors. Whereas the nominations usually spark waves of speculation; political, social and more often artistic, we decided to focus our energy on art.

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Presentation Design

Everyone has sat through at least one bad presentation with too much information, clashing colors and awkward images. Although the mistakes are easy to spot, they’re also really easy to commit. Today’s article is a brief tutorial to help you elevate your presentation design.

Business Card Design for Photographers

Every professional photographer needs a business card. This little piece of paper is going to be a small token for your clients that represents a part of your professional identity. Designing a business card that works becomes important because it is what will determine your memorability.

Create Your Own Halloween Banner With This Simple Tutorial

With Halloween just around the corner, designers are busy creating themed promotional materials. We don’t want you feeling left out! Regardless of your Photoshop skills, you can create your very own Halloween banner with our simple tutorial. You can make social media covers that are simple and tasteful - just follow the steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you in your creative endeavours.

Design Fundamentals for Photographers

Many designers also aim to be photographers. Does the same apply to photographers? Photography and design overlap in more ways than one. If you haven’t thought about it before, consider how design can alter your approach to photography.

3 Things You Would Like to Know about 7 Digital Artists

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We asked talented artists three questions about their work, motivation and creative tools.


“There Is No Planet B,” claims this year’s Digital Decade. This contest has brought together 25 digital artists in an effort to imagine the world without war, inequality, diseases and climate change. Artwork will be exhibited at the Underdog Gallery in London on July 4–6.