Mother’s Day is a holiday unrelated to the March 8 International Women’s Day, and is dedicated to humanity’s “better half,” with no political undertones. Make no mistake, you should never mix them up or call one the other’s analog.

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The history of this holiday in the U.S. is tender and poignant: in 1908, a young American woman, Anna Jervis began writing letters to government bureaus, asking for one day a year to celebrate all the mothers. The inspiration for this initiative was the sad, premature death of Anna’s own mother. Her efforts were eventually successful; after two years, the state of Virginia was the first to recognize Mother’s Day as an official holiday. President Woodrow Wilson signed legislation declaring Mother’s Day a national holiday in 1914. Since then, most Americans spend the second Sunday of May with their mothers, bring them a small gift or otherwise pay attention to them. Mother’s Day is deemed the fifth most important holiday in the U.S., after Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

In Canada, Mother’s Day is even more important than in the U.S. All the family members wake up earlier than usual, try to be very careful to not wake the mother up, cook her favorite dishes, and bring breakfast to her bed. The mother is only allowed to open the door to the messenger who brings pre-ordered gifts and flowers. Attention is lavished upon mothers-in-law, too. They get gifts and bouquets signed with touching phrases that show respect and love.

In the U.K., Mother’s Day, originally celebrated as Mothering Sunday is pretty calm: the women relax, and men are engaged in household routines. As a tradition, a “simnel cake” topped with 12 marzipan balls (representing the 12 signs of the zodiac) is served on this day. No matter where in the world a mother’s children are on this day, they surely send their mothers cards and flowers, write letters, or at last place a phone call.

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