Euro 2012 is a momentous event celebrated all over the world, and not just for soccer fans. Every four years, the UEFA European Football Championship gathers tens of thousands to the stadiums of the host nations. It is also an opportunity for the host nations to attract tourists and even investors.

Football goalman on the stadium field © Depositphotos

Football goalman on the stadium field © Depositphotos | Andrii IURLOV

It is also a great opportunity for designers to show their creativity: while creating designer projects for Euro 2012 you can not only demonstrate your good taste and knowledge of the latest design trends (Depositphotos’ lightbox “Football” will be useful), but also show your love for this legendary sport. Considering the huge number of design contests related to Euro 2012, open to designers at all experience levels, everyone has a chance to show his or her work to the world.

Photographers taking part in Euro 2012 events will be taking pictures of inestimable value, that will become part of sports’ enduring history. Some may become icons of sports photography, and grow even more valuable over the years. Don’t let your camera out of your hands, and you’ll be amazed by the amount of interesting opportunities you’ll have — and not just football images, but everything related to it! Check out Depositphotos’ new Editorial Use Only category, which could be quite useful to photographers who want help distributing their works.

Euro 2012 starts in only 56 days. Don’t waste a minute; start getting ready for it right now!

Angry fan © Depositphotos

Angry fan © Depositphotos | Iarygin Andrii

Young Girl In Football Team © Depositphotos

Young Girl In Football Team © Depositphotos | Monkey Business 

Yellow chair. © Depositphotos

Yellow chair. © Depositphotos | Vachiraphan Phangphan

Fans at the pub © Depositphotos

Fans at the pub © Depositphotos | Denis Raev 

Flamy symbol © Depositphotos

Flamy symbol © Depositphotos | Константин Юганов

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