Hello there! February has brought several important updates we’d like to share with the Depositphotos community. Depositphotos’ Chief Operating Officer, Igor Kaliuzhnyi discusses news that might be useful for both buyers and contributors.

1. Licenses

You might have noticed that we have significantly modified the License Agreement. The core of the document is still pretty much the same, though; the agreement explains the differences between the Extended and the Standard Licenses in a comprehensive way. We hope that now it’s much easier to understand how all this licensing business works. We’ve also added a comparison of the various possible ways you can use files purchased under the Standard or Extended Licenses. We encourage all buyers to check this table if they aren’t sure which license they need. We also invite our users to send suggestions regarding possible ways of using files which are not mentioned in the comparison. Our goal is to create an explanatory guideline that would be helpful in any situation.

Besides, we are going to make it possible to use the Extended License to purchase any file available at the website, so it will be easier for buyers to find exactly what they need; while at the same time, giving all the contributors an opportunity to boost their sales and, consequently, their level of earnings. Please note that the price of the Extended License is now $80.

2. New Content Editor

Another important new feature streamlines the attribution process at Depositphotos. We are trying hard to simplify the file uploading to the fullest extent; therefore, we’re introducing some new functionality for bulk attribution. With the new Content Editor, you’ll be able to attribute as many files as you need. Just select the necessary files and add their attributes, and they’re all updated simultaneously. Also, you are now able to display as many as 200 uploads per page for attributing.

Moreover, our brand new Release Manager allows contributors to add important information about models, such as race, age, or gender; giving buyers an opportunity to more easily find images featuring the type of model they are looking for. Contributors: Please add this data to the model releases you uploaded previously: it will make it easier for buyers looking for specific model types to find (and buy!) your files.

At the moment, we are also testing the spell-checking functionality, so that all users will be able to attribute their files with correctly spelled keywords and descriptions.

3. Subscription Upgrade

Attention Depositphotos buyers who prefer to download stock images by subscription! From now on you, don’t have to purchase several different subscription plans if your need for images changes. We offer you an opportunity to upgrade your current subscription plan to whatever extent you require. Besides, we offer custom solutions; please contact our support team in order to learn more.

4. Upcoming Account Mergers The most important modification is yet to come: we are doing our best to merge the functionality of the contributors’ and buyers’ accounts, so it will be even easier to make the most of the Depositphotos website. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you for your attention; please address any questions to Igor in the comments to this publication.

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