To make it in the creative industry, you have to expand your knowledge to multiple fields and be devoted to personal and professional growth. Free graphic design courses can lead you to web design basics, and even UI/UX design if you’re curious enough. As a specialist, knowing a little bit of everything can go a long way.

Working in the creative industry also means staying up to date and learning something new every single day. Things that were relevant yesterday might not be relevant tomorrow. So, if you feel like refreshing your knowledge, expanding intellectual horizons or learning something new, check out our list of free design courses that will get your creative juices flowing.

3 top online graphic design courses

Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design

By taking part in the Graphic Design Basics course, you will learn the principles of graphic design and get acquainted with the terms of symmetry, grids and framing hierarchy. You will be provided with the work examples of students and professionals, and you will try to create your own page layout. This knowledge will be useful for any creative person, especially for those who rely on visual communication. But most importantly, you don’t need any past experience to partake in the course.

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The course is targeting beginners in graphic design, so you can enroll any time and regardless of the knowledge you have. It will introduce you the five steps of creating better design, starting from applying and communicating your idea, ending with establishing consistency and comprehensiveness in design. This course is full of insights and discoveries even if you know the basics by heart.

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design

History is a great domain for inspiration. You can analyse events, flows, and trends, and modify them with your fresh and innovative vision. However, you may need some expertise knowledge on the topic, which you can get during the Ideas from the History of Graphic Design course. It will take you 14 hours to complete it. You will learn the history of design and explore the 20th century graphic design radicalism movement in detail.

 top free online graphic design courses

Top online web design courses

Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results

Being a decent web designer is a challenge. On the one hand, you have to create stunning designs. On the other —  make sure this design is efficient. To master the art of both, you can participate in the 60-minute class and deal with goal setting and sketching, as well as collaborate with other coursemates to share knowledge and get feedback.

Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites

On this course you can learn web design just in one hour and get a super useful list of rules and guidelines. In addition, you will discover the power of colours, find out how to stay inspired and make your design look professional.

The Business of Web Design: How to Grow your Ecommerce Web Design Business

A 75-minute course is designed to help you stand out in the contemporary competitive creative industry. You’ll be explained how to quickly and efficiently build websites, attract clients and make them loyal. A pleasant bonus is the free-to-download Beginner’s guide to growing your design or development business.

Top free online web design courses

Free UI/UX design courses online

Digital Skills: User Experience

Still wondering if user experience is really important? Then this course is for you. In the span of three weeks, you’ll get familiar with the design process, learn different testing and developing techniques and understand what distinguishes good and bad user experience and why it makes a huge difference.

UX/UI Design Essentials

UX/UI is one of the fastest growing tech sectors. Even if being a professional UX/UI designer is not a part of your plan, this class is something every creative should take. The introductory course to the UX/UI design concentrates on design process and its principles in general and aims to entitle you with more confidence in the subject.

Move from Graphic Design to UI/UX | Design a Mobile App From Scratch

To increase your knowledge in the field, you can partake in the course on switching from graphic to UX/UI design. How to create a mobile app from scratch? What are the differences between graphic and UX/UI design? Are there any particular guidelines at Android and iOS? Answers to the questions above and much more you’ll get during this one-hour course.

top free online UI/UX design courses

These courses on graphic, web and UX/UI design will provide you with an array of useful skills and guide through the world of text, grids, layouts and design process as it is. Share this list with others and comment if you know any other free design courses worth taking.

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