Colombian-born but U.K.-based artist Andres Rodriguez, at age 29, is one of the world’s top-selling microstock photographers, as well as one of the most sought-after. It took him only four years to create a large portfolio of high-quality images, which is available on the biggest microstock photo agencies.
Man looking at the sky © Depositphotos

Man looking at the sky © Depositphotos | Andres Rodrigues

At one time a freelance graphic designer, he turned to photography when he noticed an ever-growing demand for the kind of images he looked for in his design projects. This epiphany inspired him to try his hand at the microstock business, but unfortunately, his new passion wasn’t immediately successful. More than 100 if his first images uploaded to stock photo agencies were rejected. Fortunately, he didn’t give up, but instead thoroughly studied the reasons for his rejection and taught himself step-by-step the tricks to being a successful microstock photographer. Owing to his persistence and his thirst for knowledge, in four years Andres Rodriguez has become a famous contributor at the ten biggest microstock agencies. He considers photography his main source of income, and freshens his portfolio with 2000 new images every month.

After five years of being a microstock photographer, Andres has changed his outlook concerning his work: he switched from photos of nature and landscapes to photos involving people. He can be easily called a perfectionist — in the best meaning of that term — as he never submits an image without making sure it’s absolutely perfect. Taking pictures solely with Canon cameras, he believes that the primary guarantee of success isn’t necessarily the camera, but the light. Beaches all around the world are his favorite spots for shooting.

Andres Rodriguez has uploaded over 20,000 awesome images on various themes, and shown record sale results over a short period of time. His portfolio mainly includes business, sports, fashion, portrait, and lifestyle. Discover an amazing world of Andres Rodriguez’s artworks at Depositphotos now!

Andres Rodriguez © Depositphotos

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