We worked towards a goal – to bring industry professionals with a useful resource to help artists and clients alike look forward to the coming year with excitement. Our visual trends forecast will be helpful for photographers, bloggers, media owners and publishers.

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Trend: Technology-driven generation Z


The young generation born in the late 90s have become a major target audience for every brand. This generation is best defined as technology-driven and savvy. This isn’t an easy subject to approach but when captured in a positive vibe, are powerful and reflective of our times.

Artists to watch:

stock photographers trendy

Photo shoot ideas:

– attend events where the new millennials hang out and shoot on location

– street style photography downtown

– schools, colleges and universities

Trend: Simple patterns


The demand of repetition in images, particularly with patterns, is skyrocketing. One of the reasons for this is that patterns are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s all about the interesting compositional elements regardless of your subjects. Patterns can be captured in nature, using light, textures or colors. Patterns are simply pleasing to the eye and it is one trend that is here to stay for 2017.

Artists to watch:

trendy stock photographers

Photo shoot ideas:

– capture simple patterns of still life

– play with light and composition for subtle patterns

– create your own patterns and experiment with flat lay

Trend: Video domination


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that video is going to be extremely trendy. Studies show that up to 74% of all internet traffic is going to be video content next year. This means that stock footage will be in high demand as companies look to utilize video to share their stories. For every artist, this is an opportunity to broaden their horizons and try their hand at shooting video.

Artists to watch:

trendy stock photographers

Photo shoot ideas:

– check out our article on getting started with shooting stock videos and see the current trends

– stock footage is everywhere – document daily life in little segments

– focus on capturing movement in the hassle of everyday life

Trend: DIY stories


In the digital age, DIY stories have become more widespread. We admire the works of artists and artisans, the stories of entrepreneurs and small businesses. The documentation of this trend is more valid than ever and photographers have a unique role in helping to tell these stories.

Artists to watch:

trendy stock photography artists

Photo shoot ideas:

– document the process of making something

– show hobbies in action

– illustrate the working life of an entrepreneur in a series of photographs


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