In a series of 3 parts, we will explore the main visual trends of 2017. It’s going to be a year full of surprises but also some really solid trends that will define visual culture. Our predictions are based on studies, analysis and are solidified with the opinions of industry professionals.

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Trend: Astrophotography


Everyone loves a taste of the unknow. Somewhere up there, behind the starry skies are other galaxies and perhaps other universes. The fascination with astrophotography begins here – the documentation of the mysterious and out of reach skies. You’ve probably seen the stunning shots of the milky way and the shower of stars.

We’ve noticed that the search for ‘space’ stock photographs has increased by 56%. Every photographer knows this is no easy subject to photograph, but with the right equipment and a determined mind, the sky is the limit.

Artists to watch:

trendy stock photographers

Photo shoot ideas:

– photograph the sky in remote locations

– use contrasting architectural elements for visual interest

– combine landscape photography with astrophotography

Trend: Bold and bright still life


The objects that surround us have all been designed by someone. To think that we purchase them based on impulse is a common misconception. Objects all around us have a certain beauty to them. Photographing those objects can prove to be very powerful and effective when accompanied by a beautiful composition.

Artists to watch:

trendy stock photography

Photo shoot ideas:

– still life and flat lay design

– add a pop of color with contrasting objects

– photograph objects in series

Trend: Moody, minimalistic landscapes


Minimalism interpreted as a lifestyle is a trending topic. With this, comes an appreciation of a different aesthetic, one that stands true to ‘less is more’. When we speak of minimalism in photography, we mean the effortless beauty of simple elements and the charm of a minimalist composition.

When applied to nature, this approach results in stunning shots. The trendy images as of now are patterns in nature, isolated landscapes and a quiet stillness embraced in a photograph.

Artists to watch:

trendy stock photography

Photo shoot ideas:

– experiment with photographs during different times of the day

– photograph the stormy and the calm

– shoot in isolated areas for a more dramatic effect

Trend: Drone photography


As drones became more accessible, interest towards drone photography spiked. As a result, we see the new Dronestagram competition trending on social media and surge in interest towards these types of photographs. The fascination with drones comes from the natural interest in unusual focal points and seeing locations in a new light.

Artists to watch:

trendy stock photographers

Photo shoot ideas:

– imitate a drone view shot with unconventional angles

– photograph busy areas from high elevation

– combine the previous trend with this one


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