A heated topic of discussion for the next coming months is going to be photography trends for the approaching year. At Depositphotos, we stepped aside for a minute and considered the larger scope. What visual trends are going to dominate and define the coming year?

We’ve gathered 3 articles looking in-depth at the visual trends for 2017. For every contributor, this is a chance to plan in advance for your upcoming shoots. For our clients, this is the ultimate guide to what you should keep your eye on for next year and how these trends can be applicable to your business.

Trend: 90s are back – for real


As with other aspects of culture, some old trends get unexpectedly revived. This is especially true for the aesthetics of the 90s making a comeback in 2017. We’re seeing a rise in visuals that use a polaroid-like effect, full flash photographs and of course the emphasis on the bold and the colorful.

Artists to watch:


Photo shoot ideas:

– add a retro touch to photographs

– experiment with filters in post-processing

– take flash flooded pictures

– photograph analog alongside digital

Trend: Emotions and movement


We have often discussed the topic of ‘authenticity’ and its role in photography. We’re seeing a definite rejection of the conventional stock photographs that are staged and seeing the rise of more candid and authentic visuals. This is especially true for stock photography, where clients are looking for raw emotions and photographs everyone can relate to.

This can also be seen as the movement towards more realistic representations of everyday life. Our daily lives are full of movement so pay attention at how you represent daily life; emotions and movement are key.

Artists to watch:


Photo shoot ideas:

– explore the ‘lifestyle’ category

– watch people pursuing tasks and document the process

– instead of staging photo shoots, try to find occasions where you can become the onlooker

Trend: Connected world


With the tremendous technological advancements, it is no surprise that technology still dominates as a trendy topic. Previously, we’ve seen mystical embodiments of AI and VR as seen through digital arts. This is becoming a quickly outdated and we’re seeing a rise in the documentation of our interaction with technology and the role of it in our (now) changed and altered lives.

Artists to watch:


Photo shoot ideas:

– photograph how people interact with technology

– document the new advancements in different sectors

– dive into unexplored topics about the future of technology

Trend: [Still] challenging stereotypes


We live in a decade where stereotypes are challenged like never before. As for visual communications, this change doesn’t go unnoticed. We’re seeing more search enquiries for images that celebrate diversity and promote equality. This also implies that photography should aim to represent people of different ages, genders, cultures, appearances and ethnicities.

Artists to watch:


Photo shoot ideas:

– diversity in the work force

– street style photography

– modern day parenthood and home life

Have you missed out on our list of visual trends? Visit our full report here. If you’d like to share your ideas inspired by the new trends, leave your thoughts and comments in the comments section below. 

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