The best way to appeal to your target audience is based on unique insights. You should know every single detail about their work and leisure routine, their hobbies and attitude to craftsmanship, as well as the basic demographics like age, gender, and location. You can easily get this information from surveys and analytics but the most useful data is gathered when you talk directly to individuals.

During face-to-face communication, you can have an honest and relaxed conversation but also ask leading questions for clarity purposes. In recent months, we’ve had a chance to talk to dozens of talented photographers to find out more about the intricacies of their profession. Based on these interviews, we curated a photo collection of images that you can use if your target audience includes photographers. This selection is inspiring and perfectly describes a day in the life of a photographer that is so relatable.

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A glance at a day in a photographer’s life

We share things that are common for many photographers.


1. Waiting for hours to capture a perfect snap

stock photo Senior safari man in the field taking picture

Taking the perfect shot is not as easy as it may seem. Every detail of a puzzle (from lighting to composition) should come together. Sometimes, a photographer may end up waiting for hours for the ideal moment to capture and this is not a figurative saying. This is the reality that Janelle Sweeney faced when working on a branding photography project for

Interview to read: Janelle Sweeney on Branding Photography and the Project


2. Ignoring unfavorable weather conditions for art’s sake

stock photo Woman in red raincoat

Artists know no limitations and neither worldwide lockdown nor bad weather conditions are the obstacles to continue creating. Liam Wong, an award-winning photographer who was included in Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30” list, says that he spent many hours under the rain at night to take a series of cyberpunk-inspired shots that were collected in his newly-published book “TO:KY:OO”.

Interview to read: Liam Wong on the “TO:KY:OO” Book and Key Takeaways from Being a Photographer


3. Risking their lives to take an impressive shot

stock photo lion in african natural park

In his interview, Andrey Gudkov, a wildlife photographer who was honored by National Geographic Russia and won dozens of photography awards, says that he numerously risked his life to take an impressive shot out in the wild. He has a lot of interesting stories to share and he’s not the only professional whose passion for photography overshadows the instinct of survival.

Interview to read: Wildlife Photographer Andrey Gudkov on Expeditions, Gear, and Danger


4. Post-processing images for hours

Female model on a computer screen stock photo

For many photographers, a picture taken with a camera is only the starting point for their work. With the help of computer technologies, they turn images into collages or other works of art. Russian photographer Victor Zastolskiy highlights that this process might take a couple of hours or even days as he turns a simple interior shot into a futuristic 3D-concept.

Interview to read: Victor Zastolskiy on Combining the Incompatible in Photography 


5. Having fun with photography

stock photo Portrait Of Female Photographer Editing Images

A photographer from Brussels and a Depositphotos contributor Julie Berthelemy states that she loves to have fun with photography. She comes up with her own metaphors and oxymorons to the absurdities of society and makes her images stand out with the help of a more playful approach to photography.

Interview to read: Julie Berthelemy:  “The Most Important Thing Missing in Society Today is Fun”


6. Combining art and business at the same time

Beauty blogger taking photo of cosmetics stock image

Most artists are always on the lookout for new and creative approaches to their work. However, they are also constantly looking for ways to promote their photography. Thus, they end up doing art and business at the same time, and fortunately, they get pleasure from both activities.

Interview to read: Sylwia Krędzel on How She Combines Art and Business


7. Thinking outside the box on a daily basis

stock photo photographer working in the studio

Once photographers master basic skills, they learn to think outside the box on a daily basis to find and develop their personal style. For instance, stock photographers Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic go outside their comfort zone regularly to come up with creative and unconventional ideas for their seasonal projects. They push themselves to enrich their photos with as many elements as possible and thus their works become very recognizable among millions of stock images in the Depositphotos library.

Interview to read: Zamurovic Brothers: “Embrace Creativity Instead of Copying Ideas”


Wrap up

Hope these images and interviews will provide you with many insights about a photographer’s life and will also allow you to appeal to your target audience with relatable content and outstanding visuals. For more inspiration and great thematic visuals, explore the full collection below.

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