As the world is gradually getting back to normal, we are ready to share the results of the Depositphotos #Lockdownart campaign. During the last few months, artists continued to create despite the limitations. They found new and more creative approaches to photography and proved that you can put artists on lockdown, but you can’t lock down their talent.

Today, we would like to share with you a special collection that features dozens of fascinating works created by Depositphotos contributors while being in confinement.

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#LockdownArt Campaign 1000 Photographs, 70 Authors, and Endless Inspiration

Supporting artists with our #LockdownArt campaign

With the announcement of worldwide lockdowns, everyone working in the creative industry stumbled on difficulties with adapting to a new reality. Staying motivated while being stuck indoors became even more challenging but it was not the reason to give up. To support artists around the world, Depositphotos launched the #Lockdownart campaign that encouraged creatives to take on new projects.

During the last couple of months, artists from different corners of the world uploaded their works to the Depositphotos website. They shared their vision and challenged their routine to come up with a variety of solutions to a creative rut.

Showcasing artists and their works

As a result, we received 1,000 submissions from 70 talented creatives. Every contributor has manifested themselves in a unique way and enriched the Depositphotos library with artistic and thought-provoking visuals taken during a lockdown. There are indoor and outdoor shots, minimalistic concepts and interesting viewpoints, as well as stunning still life and mouth-watering food photography.

To showcase the images that stood out, our content curators created a special collection that we are eager to share with millions of the Depositphotos clients. It features 200 of the best photos that translates the authentic vision of our contributors.

Each person has put their heart and soul in their works and we would like to showcase some of the images that stood out.

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Portfolios to explore

These authors enriched the Depositphotos library with their creative, relevant, and contextual works. Their featured lockdown art is part of our thematic photo collection. It includes images with complex and creative compositions, the play on light, textures and candid moments. Some artists truly know no limits, conversely, they thrive on it.

Manu Reyes

Kateryna Kraus

Strelciuc Dumitru

Tetiana Photography

Yana Musikhina

Natalia Zotova


Yurii Seleznev

Bogdan Pigulyak

Simona Pilolla

Images featured in this article are a small part of a large collection that was put together by our content curators after the #LockdownArt campaign. You can find more inspiration and fascinating visuals in the full collection below.

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