We all have different backgrounds, jobs, and lifestyles but some of us are lucky to pursue a more relaxing profession that allows them to work from home.

If you think that it’s just you who has trouble concentrating when working remotely, eats too many snacks or does everything (even laundry and dishwashing) except for completing urgent tasks, we’d like to reassure you of the opposite. Most people have similar issues. They also procrastinate and aspire to one day become more productive. 

To best describe all these scenarios, concerns, joys and downfalls, we’ve curated a collection of photos that perfectly describe a work-from-home routine, as well as a list of tips to get us all a bit more organized. 

15 Photos That Perfectly Describe Your Work-from-home Routine 


5 quick tips to organize your work-from-home routine

 1. Get ready

People who freelance or work from home on a daily basis, try to follow this rule. 

 Are you used to waking up at 8 am, preparing coffee, and dressing up more officially than during the weekend? Keep doing that. Getting ready as if you’re going to the office helps you get into a better work mode. 

With this tweak, you mislead your brain and get the productivity boost you usually have when working at the office. 

 2. Get down to work earlier 

As you don’t have to commute to work now, you can get down to work earlier. But why do that?

  • you won’t get busy with household chores like cleaning. Apparently, it may take you much longer to finish them than you initially thought
  • you can start working earlier and finish earlier
  • you can also do some extra work if deadlines are burning

However, all these work-from-home productivity tips won’t be possible if you don’t keep track of your tasks. Consider Evernote or simply Notes to keep a tab on them. 

 3. Create a to-do list

The power of creating to-do lists is described in David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” in detail. However, reading it may take a lot of time. For those, who’d like to immediately sort things out, here’s a brief summary.  

When you free your mind from memorizing dozens of tasks, you can better concentrate on performance. You also get less anxious about forgetting something and see a bigger picture of tasks you have to do this day, week, or month. 

writing a list of tasks

You can put everything you want on the list, from phone calls you have to make to tasks you have to complete in a short period of time. The most satisfying part of all that will be at the end of the day, when you notice that you have ticks in every single box and all the tasks are complete. Or better yet, if you have crossed off all the tasks from your list. 

 4. Create an anti-to-do list as well

Although creating to-do lists is a surefire way to keep track of all your tasks, the threat of procrastination still exists. Dozens of notifications from messengers and FOMO make people check their mailbox and social media feeds more often than they would like to. A fridge full of food and a messy desktop hints that you need to have a snack and clean everything around to boost your productivity. However, it’s a delusion. 

Don’t let your workflow interfere with household chores. Make a list of activities you’d like to avoid during the days you work from home. You can write down things like:

  • do not check social media until 6 pm
  • eat only 3 times a day
  • not answer emails that are not urgent. 

At the end of the day, you can also tick the boxes and see whether this tip helped you to procrastinate less. 

5. Get out of the house

If you’re working in an office, the day you don’t go there is devoted to work from home. However, this does not mean you have to literally obey this rule and strict definition. 

You can work in a coffee shop or a co-working space if you feel like there are too many distractions at home. Go out, order a cup of coffee, open your to-do list, and start being productive.  

Consider all these tips the next time you’ll be working from home and enjoy our collection of photos that illustrate the routine most people have when working remotely.  

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15 photos that show how work-from-home routine looks like  

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Not getting out of the bed

Beautiful black kitten

 Procrastinating for a while

smiling Caucasian businessman

Working in the kitchen (instead of any other rooms)

Young woman studying at home

Having too many snacks

Short-haired woman in pajamas


Father And Baby Daughter

Going out for a cup of coffee

Young beautidul girl

Searching for the latest memes

caucasian hipster guy

 Rearranging your workspace

pink interior

Doing exercise

man exercising


15 Photos That Perfectly Describe Your Work from home Routine 

Having some rest

messy desktop

Discovering a passion for baking

 young woman confectioner

Being cozy

Woman with cute cat

 Working twice as hard

Man stressed while working on laptop

Staying up late

business colleagues working

Have you recognized yourself on any of these images? Share your own tips on being more productive when working from home in the comments section below and check out the full collection for more motivation. 

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