Let your creativity blossom!

Spring is so close that we feel it coming, despite the prolonged cold weather. Snow and slush on the streets can’t spoil our cheerful anticipation of the arrival of the sun’s rays, growing green grass breaking through the snow, and budding trees.

Mountain view © Depositphotos

Mountain view © Depositphotos / Дмитрий Пичугин

Andres Rodriguez at Depositphotos!

Colombian-born but U.K.-based artist Andres Rodriguez, at age 29, is one of the world’s top-selling microstock photographers, as well as one of the most sought-after. It took him only four years to create a large portfolio of high-quality images, which is available on the biggest microstock photo agencies.
Man looking at the sky © Depositphotos

Man looking at the sky © Depositphotos | Andres Rodrigues

Have an inspirational St. Valentine’s Day!

Bouquet of red roses © Depositphotos

Bouquet of red roses © Depositphotos | yasonya

Little is known of the background behind the romantic love story of St. Valentine’s Day. This day wasn’t always dedicated to Saint Valentine, a Roman priest, who secretly married sweethearts. In ancient Rome, long before the Catholic church was created, the fertility festival called “Feast of Lupercalia” was annually observed on February 15.

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