Have an inspirational St. Valentine’s Day!

Bouquet of red roses © Depositphotos

Bouquet of red roses © Depositphotos | yasonya

Little is known of the background behind the romantic love story of St. Valentine’s Day. This day wasn’t always dedicated to Saint Valentine, a Roman priest, who secretly married sweethearts. In ancient Rome, long before the Catholic church was created, the fertility festival called “Feast of Lupercalia” was annually observed on February 15.

Depositphotos’ library hits 6 million images

Depositphotos Stock Photo Agency has speed up its growth by adding another million of premium images to its collection only in 2 months.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 14 Feb. 2012 – Depositphotos, the fastest-growing stock photo agency in the world, announces the addition of its 6 millionth image. It took the company only 2 months to cross over another milestone.

Having started accepting and selling images for editorial use, Depositphotos has become an alternative microstock agency for photographers working in the field of editorial photography who previously had no possibility to sell their images with Depositphotos. Since its innovation the editorial images as well as demand for them have been steadily growing, so Depositphotos encourages photographers shooting editorial shoots to cooperate.

“We’d like to express our gratitude to all stock photographers and illustrators who have trusted us to sell their images”, says Igor Kaliuzhnyi, Head of Depositphotos’ Departments in Eastern and Western Europe. “We’ve been successful in expanding our image collection at incredibly high speed to meet such a soaring demand for high-quality images on various topics only owing to our mutual efforts.”

Use your Photoshop skills and win!

Advanced Photoshop and Depositphotos have teamed up to offer you a great chance to unleash your creativity and Photoshop skills to win a prize worth over $500. Every participant will receive 10 high-resolution photos from Depositphotos’ collection to create a Photoshop masterpiece using at least one of these photos. The genre and style is up to you.

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