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Depositphotos’ website is now easier and even more useful. There is a new section called “With the same model”: this section facilitates the process of searching for other images featuring the same model. You’ll find links to other photo shoots with the same model beneath the pricing block.

“With the same model”

Now, you can look through and choose additional images from other photo shoots with the same model. In the near future, the improved functionality of the website will give you an opportunity to see all the pictures in Depositphotos’ library featuring the same model in our “With the same model” section.  This automatic search subsystem saves the time you might otherwise spend searching thousands of photos in a contributor’s portfolio.

The “With the same model” section will also be useful for contributors. By choosing one of your images among Depositphotos’ library of 7 million files, a potential buyer will see several more of your works on the same image page.

Remember your Father, but don’t forget the savings!

After the death of his wife, William Jackson Smart had to raise his 16-year-old daughter Sonora and her four younger brothers by himself. He not only succeeded at this task – raising five productive members of society – but he also instilled strong feelings of responsibility and gratitude in his children. Sonora wanted to thank her father, and inspired by the recent nationwide recognition of Mother’s Day, she set out to establish a special holiday dedicated to the fathers in her hometown of Spokane, Washington.

Happy father day © Depositphotos

Happy father day © Depositphotos | ankurpatil 

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Panoramic tropical beach with coconut pa © Depositphotos

Panoramic tropical beach with coconut pa © Depositphotos | Alaxandr Ozerov 

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