Zarni Myo Win won 3rd place as photographer of the year in prestigious 2018 Iphone Photography Awards. His winning image is one that hits straight to the heart which you’ll have a chance to see in a bit. Today Zarni shares a brief story about his journey with iPPAwards, his accomplishments and the story behind the winning image.


A little bit about Zarni Myo Win:

Zarni Myo Win is an award winning photographer from Myanmar. For feature photography, Zarni has been traveling around the country taking photos about Myanmar culture, and lifestyle of local people and heritages.

Currently Zarni Myo Win is working on a special photography project about Myanmar traditional dancing troupers. The project started one year ago with taking photos of troupers backstage.

Zarni Myo Win also contributes his photography knowledge and experience to amateurs. Zarni has done many successful photography workshops in Myanmar.

Zarni Myo Win always invests passion and creativity for unique photos.  He usually creates grand setting for photos taking more than three or four months of time. Zarni also takes street photos sometimes.

Zarni Myo Win has won a number of international photography awards, such as:

Overall Winner Prize (2017) of Travel Photography Society

Third Place Winner, National Awards, Sony World Photography Awards

First Place Winner, Portrait & Travel Category of Mobile Photo Awards (2017)

Second Place Winner, Others Category, IPPAwards (2017)

iPhone Photographer of the Year, IPPAwards (2018).


Tell us the story of how you decided to participate in iPPAwards. How did you choose your images?

I always take photos with an iphone after DSLR shooting. I thought this image was amazing.


What is the story behind your winning image?

This was a young boy who lost his leg, he’s watching a football game and he is experiencing lots of sadness, wanting to be a part of the game.


How would you describe your style and approach to photography?

My style and approach to photography is to create a particular visual aesthetic.


If you had a choice between your iPhone or a DSLR, which would you choose? Are you selective about your tool based on the situation?

I always take both but never shoot with an iphone at night.


What are some things that you’ve noticed that have helped you grow as a photographer?

Its my personal feelings and inspiration.


Do you think iPhone photography is an art of its own? What are some limitations with your phone, if any?

I never thought iPhone or DSLR is an art. It’s just the tools to create art.


Who were your biggest influences, where do you seek inspiration and what are the 3 things inspiring your work right now?

My biggest influence  person is Michael Freeman and I learned a lot from his book.

My current  inspirations are the lives of Myanmar traditional opera performers, real life of Myanmar people and patterns and lines in landscape.


What did winning in IPPAwards mean to you? What are your thoughts now that you’re part of the history?

Winning in IPPAwards is a huge impact and milestone for my life. I will always proud of that.


To see more works by the Zarni Myo Win, visit his Instagram, Facebook or personal website.

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