Advanced Photoshop and Depositphotos have teamed up to offer you a great chance to unleash your creativity and Photoshop skills to win a prize worth over $500. Every participant will receive 10 high-resolution photos from Depositphotos’ collection to create a Photoshop masterpiece using at least one of these photos. The genre and style is up to you.

Depositphotos+Advanced Photoshop competitionFollow a few simple steps to participate:

1) Register at Advanced Photoshop Competition landing page to access the “Advanced Photoshop Competition” Lightbox.
2) If you are already a Depositphotos’ member, then you need to send an email to Depositphotos to  specifying your login to access the competition images.
3) Pick up images from Depositphotos’ “Advanced Photoshop Competition” Lightbox and create a variety of effects using Photoshop. Make sure your images are 300dpi and at least 300mm high.  Each participant is allowed to send up to 5 entries.
4) Please send your image in low resolution JPEG  to  and put “Depositphotos’ competition” in the subject line. All entries must be sent by 6 pm (GMT) on February 24, 2012

Personal photography may also be used, however no other stock imagery, other than that provided can be used to create the artworks. Membership to Depositphotos is required to enter the contest.

The winner will receive a one-year subscription to Advanced Photoshop Magazine worth £ 80 and a three-month subscription to Depositphotos worth $ 460. The subscription to Depositphotos will allow you to download up to 30 images per day (up to 2.700 images in total).

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