Have you ever faced the challenge of enlarging images for print, or finding illustrations that fit your article in size?

From now on, you don’t have to worry about these tasks! A brand new tool by Depositphotos will help you quickly resolve any of them and save resources. How? In just one click, you can increase your image twice in size. It’s all thanks to AI algorithms.

Free Image Upscaler by Depositphotos

Upscale image


Why use our image upscaler

We created this tool for users who work with visual content, in order to save their resources.

Our AI-powered image resizer reconstructs pixels to offer you a high-resolution image. This is the only way you can enlarge an image that is initially too small.

Here are some more facts about our new tool:

—There are no limits 

Process as many images as you want. They can be photos or illustrations from your archive or files that you’ve downloaded from Depositphotos.

—Result in one click 

Until now, the only way to enlarge an image without compromising quality was to recreate it from scratch at a higher resolution. A task like this could take a very long time: you either need to retake a photo with new camera settings, or ask your illustrator to redraw their work from scratch.

Now you have a simple, fast, and free solution: upload a picture and receive an image two times its original size.

Free Image Upscaler by Depositphotos

—No special skills are needed; AI does everything for you

We taught our algorithms to recognize your image content and then, pixel by pixel, enlarge it two times in size. Anyone can upload their image to Image Upscaler and receive high-quality results.

Upscale image


How to use the image enlarger

Can you imagine that your image will increase twice in just a few seconds?

To do this, you need to go to the tool’s page. There are two ways to do this: directly from this article, or from the top menu on the Depositphotos home page. (Tools ➡️  Free Image Upscaler).

Free Image Upscaler by Depositphotos

Step 1. Click the “Upload Image” button and select an image you want to enlarge.

Free Image Upscaler by Depositphotos

Step 2. Compare the original with the new upscaled version and download.

Free Image Upscaler by Depositphotos

That’s it! The tool is free to use for everyone online.

It will help you quickly prepare images for print, and offer your website or blog visitors a better visual experience. You can also use it for collages or ad designs.


Be the first to enjoy Image Upscaler!

On the Image Upscaler page, you will find some fantastic examples of how our AI-powered tool works. The results are impressive; you’ll have a hard time finding at least one defect in the enlarged images.

And why lose time? Download your first image right away, or use our test images to recognize the potential of Image Upscaler.

Upscale image

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