“The IPPAWARDS is helping democratize photography by validating and raising the value of  pictures taken with a mobile device.” Juan Carlos Castañeda

It never fails to amaze me how vivid and captivating images taken with our iPhones can be. It’s a small device that’s especially useful for photographers when a DSLR just won’t do. Almost daily, we continue to capture snaps of the everyday life, little moments that are only there for a fraction of a second.

With the advancement of the iPhone cameras, the iPhone Photography Awards were created to shine a light on those fragments of everyday life that would otherwise collect virtual dust in our photo libraries.

The winning shots are all here as an encouragement to pick up your phone whenever you feel a wave of inspiration. Who knows, next year we might just be featuring your shots.

2017 Winning Photographs

Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year

Sebastiano Tomada – Children of Qayyarah

“Children roam the streets in Qayyarah near the fire and smoke billowing from oil wells, set ablaze by ISIS militants.”


1st Place, Photographer of the Year

Brendan O Se – Dock Worker

“Why do I make photos? To make memories. And the memory I have of this photo is a very hot and humid April morning on the docks of Jakarta, Indonesia.

I was with my friend Elfie when we came across a group of dock workers who were taking their morning break. Their hands and bare feet encrusted in dirt. I asked Elfie to ask if with their permission I could photograph them. They obliged. I recall how still they stayed as I got my few photographs. I remember listening to their conversations and only picking up on the word “Ireland’ being repeated and the little laughs that ensued. We shared a nod and a smile and that was it. I am very grateful to them.”


2nd Place, Photographer of the Year

Yeow-Kwang Yeo – The Performer

“Chinese traditional street opera is part of the Chinese culture. Unfortunately, the young generation in Singapore is no longer interested. Hence the street opera is fast disappearing.

Instead of shooting their performance, I decided to go the back of the stage to capture the performers’ preparation activity. I spotted this experience performer who is taking a short rest and was waiting for his turn to perform. I was attracted by the lighting of the old plastic curtain, electric fan, and the overall calm atmosphere.”


3rd Place, Photographer of the Year

Kuanglong Zhang – The City Palace

“Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities in India. in the City palace, I snapped a moment of one of the staff gazing out of the window as if he saw the slowly historic course of the palace’s construction, which was as quite attractive moment.”


Winners of category ‘The America I Know’


Top: Juan Carlos Castañeda (1st place), bottom left: Davis Bell (2nd place), bottom right: Maria K. Pianu (3rd place)

“The image that won 2nd place in The America I Know portion of the IPP Awards was actually the very first image taken of that series during a 3 week road trip across the middle of America last year.  In many ways that image set the tone as we traversed the backroads of 9 states on our journey.” – Davis Bell 

Winners of category ‘Animals’


Top: Dongrui Yu (2nd place), bottom left: Francesca Tonegutti (1st place), bottom right: Shuo Li (3rd place)

Winners of category ‘Architecture’


Top: Paddy Chao (1st place), bottom left: Patryk Kuleta (2nd place), bottom right: Naian Feng (3rd place)

Winners of category ‘Lifestyle’


Top: Chung Hung (3rd place), bottom left: Nick Trombola (1st place), bottom right: YuMing Guan (2nd place)

Winners of category ‘Nature’


Top: Aaron Sandberg (1st place), bottom left: Dongrui Yu (2nd place), bottom right: Joseph-Cyr (3rd place)

Winners of category ‘People’


Top: Dina Alfasi (1st place), bottom left: Jiabing He (2nd place), bottom right: Marina Spironetti (3rd place)

“The iPhone is changing the way visual media is accessed and the IPPAwards has been instrumental in showing how, in the right hands, the iPhone can be a powerful creative tool. I am very appreciative for the IPPAwards to allow me, and so many others,  a chance to showcase our work to so many people.”

Davis Bell 

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