We’re always curious to see which photographs are performing exceptionally well which is why we have launched a series of ‘What’s in Demand’ articles. We uncover secrets of successful photographs and share them with our community of photographers.

This fall brings us reminiscent imagery of the past holidays and the ones we have yet to look forward to. Our collection features a few unexpected visuals that might just be fitting for your projects.

1. The spirit of Halloween

As we celebrated the first festivities of the season, it’s inevitable we stumble on an image that embraces Halloween. The spirit of Halloween is captured in this shot, featuring carved pumpkins in one composition.


2. Ready for Christmas?

As for all the upcoming holidays, some have already started with the preparations. Holiday imagery will be the buzz of the next coming months. Simple, minimalistic and tasteful – this image is the perfect setup for holiday campaigns.

christmas stock photography

3. A fresh idea

What better classic representation of an idea being born than a glowing lightbulb? This image is slightly more conceptual and is a versatile one that communicates without words.

lightbulb stock photography

4. The dream desk

Work consumes most of our daily lives and imagery of desk spaces are always in demand. Whether they’re neatly organized or showcase a creative mess – count on our clients always scouting for the perfect work desk.

office desk stock photography top view

5. Modern living

One topic that is always in demand is interiors and living spaces. Everyone’s always on the lookout for clean finishes, contemporary decor and the things that embody the comforts of a home.

modern interiors stock photography

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