Images are a powerful tool for communication. Finding the right images makes all the difference to how content is presented. More importantly is having a collection that reflects the current trends and taps into the interests of our clients. The themes we have compiled are in high demand and require a more artistic interpretation. This is a chance to show your creative side and contribute to our collection to fill in the gaps.

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Classic black and white photography

Black and white photography is a style of photography that is truly timeless. You might wonder how relevant black and white photography is in the digital age. Rest assured, there is a growing demand for artistic interpretations of every photography category. You can try your hand at shooting architecture, shadows, people, nature and even animals in monochrome mode. If you’re a beginner and would like some tips on black and white photography, check out this article.


The other side of travels

Traveling is a chance to document city life from your unique perspective. We’re all familiar with the popular sightseeing locations. When you’re traveling, take your time to illuminate a city in a new light by taking unconventional pictures of those popular places. All that’s needed to captivate your viewers is a unique perspective at otherwise plain sights. Try different angles, different viewpoints and unusual perspectives. Take pictures while you’re on the move! Use the opportunity to deliver a unique documentation of travels.


Interiors design and habitats

Interior design reveals a great deal about our personal life. We customize our surroundings to fit our lifestyle in a way that makes every interior space unique. Take pictures of homes, apartments and other surroundings. Document the current interior design trends such as minimalism and other contemporary, artistic styles.


A range of architecture

Wherever you are located is bound to have interesting architectural structures as every city has its own architectural style. Show us where you live, what you see and how architecture has changed your city. A popular trend is the clash of the old and the new that is seen around modern cities. How is traditional architecture influencing current city layouts? Shoot images for commercial purposes to share your unique perspective on the architecture in your city.


Design of everyday things

Given that our recurring theme here is on the artistic side, show us design that surrounds you. Photograph different objects from different angles and shed light on the little details of life that go unnoticed. When we make purchases, we subconsciously make design decisions. What are some of the things that you’ve hand picked based on design?


It’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and understand which themes are in high demand. Keep up with our series of articles on unexplored themes and you’ll be sure to increase your photography sales. Sometimes it takes a little effort and a fresh perspective to turn your business around.

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