Stock photography has a certain responsibility to live up to the standards of visual communication industries. Companies turn to stock photography to best represent their content and ideas. The way we approach stock photography has a powerful effect on businesses. Clients want images with a human factor in them, something that is relatable for a large audience. This is precisely why we have to start thinking about the future, the current trends and ultimately look to redefine what makes a contemporary individual.

In a series of 4 parts, we’ll be looking at  unexplored themes in stock photography, brainstorming on ways in which you can contribute and ultimately profit from the topics that are in high demand.

Documenting the rise of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is on the rise like never before as more and more people are looking to start their own business. Entrepreneurship is quite a broad term and understanding that it is also a lifestyle is important. How do we go about representing people that chose the unconventional career path? Think about all the different areas that can be covered here aside from IT business and startups.

One too many times we see an image of a man in a suit or a woman in a crowd of coworkers. Entrepreneurship is not to be mistaken with a corporate lifestyle. It is quite on the contrary. A better exploration of this theme would be to capture people working on a startup business in a more relaxed environment such as at home, in a cafe or simply at some unusual place.


The many sides to corporate life

There is a growing demand for illustrating the other side of business. The corporate lifestyle presumes a more orderly work atmosphere. This theme can be captured on a bigger scale, in larger spaces with more people. Consider all the fine details that can define a corporate life starting with professional attire. Additionally, this can include shops, factories and manufacturing sites because they too form parts of big corporations.

It’s important to step away from the overused imagery of meetings and men and women in suits. A better way to capture corporate life is to shine the spotlight on other events that are associated with bigger companies. This can include things like presentations, speeches, discussions at the workplace and lunch breaks.


Paving the road to leadership

Often times, companies need an illustration of a leader to help define their position. What does it mean to be a leader? A common portrayal is a man or a woman leading a group of people. Try to think of other ways in which you can represent excellence, leadership skills and confidence.

Leadership can be represented in a number of ways. It should portray a man or a woman that has definite charisma. They can be discussing something, delegating or showing a presentation to other people.


Modern workplace is constantly changing

The modern workplace is changing, which is why this theme needs to be explored more in stock photography. How is the workplace nowadays different from the ones 10 years ago? We are moving away from the standard cubicle space to more liberal and creative work spaces.

The portrayal of working men and women as well as their interaction is relevant and important. There is also a growing tendency of working from home. As a photographer, think of the ways in which you can reflect these changes in environment and chanel the transformation in your photographs.


Going green demands attention

A basic search can quickly tell you that there is simply not enough visuals to illustrate the concept of going green. More and more companies are looking to inform about their transformations and changes. The choice to move towards a more environmentally friendly practice is growing in popularity. This could mean a number of things including using alternative sources of energy, conserving energy, saving paper, choosing to bike or carpool to work instead of taking the car. Consider all the different aspects of this that can be captured in a series of images to reflect the changes.


Most importantly, try to photograph your images with an emphasis on commercial purposes instead of editorial ones. Stray away from the cliched representations and generic images because your photography should communicate a message. With these unexplored themes, there is much room left to creativity; all you have to do is commit to a few unexplored themes and watch success unfold before you.

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