Every stock photographer works towards the same goal. On top of producing quality work, you have to do a little research into what stock photos sell best. Our series of top photographs in our categories are aimed to give you a more clear picture of the type of imagery that is in demand.

We take a look at the most popular images in the ‘Cities’ category to uncover some of the mysteries that cloud best selling images. City life is a topic that each one of you can explore and illuminate in a new light and a unique perspective. Every city has something unique to offer which means you have the means to bring out those colors, structures and cultures as part of your portfolio.

1. Bright city lights

New York city at night is one of the most unforgettable spectacles. What’s better is the city at night in all it’s glory, bright lights and towering structures. The image captures all this beautifully from afar. It’s one of the busiest metropolitan areas at  night which carries in itself the excitement and the promise of something big.


2. Juxtaposition to soothing colors

Shanghai, in the early hours of the morning looks tranquil, peaceful and not at menacing the way some big cities can be. In the early hours of the morning, we’re shown the true colors of the city. They’re soothing and soft which is a juxtaposition to the scene in front of us. This juxtaposition is what makes this photograph so popular and appealing.


3. When the city’s asleep…

A little bit of photo manipulation can go a long way. This photograph stands out in  how surreal it looks. Paired with the beautiful colors of the night and bold city lights, the moon towers but is also radiant and fitting.


4. Times Square at night

New York seems to be a popular place for city photography so far. This list won’t be complete without the burst of color and energy of Times Square. The image captures the atmosphere of city center as well as a touch of the contemporary society. Advertisements follow us wherever we go and they’re just that much more prominent in NYC.


5. Man vs city

The only reason we have cities is because mankind has come so far as to manifest these creations in real life. This image is powerful because it introduces the classic man vs city portrayal. It’s an image that makes one think and reflect about the symbols presented and the possible story behind the image.


Aside our little critique, there are things in the cities where you live that deserve their spot in the spotlight. Pay attention to architecture, the change of scenery from day to night and symbols that are all around you. What makes for a successful picture of a city, you might ask? A touch of the grandiose.

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